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How to reach wholesale firearm distributors without using listing companies

If you are looking for a firearm, the chances are that you will go to a firearm retailer to buy one. The retailer would have sourced one from the firearm distributor. If you are a firearm retailer or thinking of joining the business, you are most likely to use listing directories to identifying the firearm distributors that you are going to work with.

There are quite a number of firearms listing directories around the world. However, the directories are hardly the situation on the ground. They only feature firearm distributors that have gone ahead and listed with them. Here is how to reach the distributors without the use of listing companies

Perform the organic search

Many of the wholesale gun distributors have websites on the internet. You can use the location feature to search for gun distributors in a given region. For example, if you would like to search for wholesale gun distributors in New York City, just type the word ‘wholesale gun distributors in New York City’ on your browser. You will get a result of related businesses that have their sites indicating that they sell within the locality. You can use the map feature to locate their stores and contact numbers

Talk to other gun retailers

Good sources of information are the retailers that stock guns within your locality. You may approach them for information on their source of their guns. You can walk into a few gun retailers posing as a client and look for the information. Asking for the same will not threaten their business. Therefore, they are likely to give you the name of their wholesaling distributors.

Ask for tender submissions

If you plan on opening up a gun retail shop and is not sure where to locate your gun suppliers, you may make an invitation to tender for the supply of goods. You can do that in the local dairies and online. The good thing with tendering is that it gives you the different terms of trade from several wholesaling gun distributors in your area for easier comparison. Just ensure you have followed the guidelines for tendering for such goods in your state.

Do not rely on the listing companies to get you a great distributor. A good number of them are not in those directories. Get out there are reach them with the means listed above.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!