Foodservice Distributors

Policy Regarding Samples

Samples sent for a product review session will not be returned. Mr. Checkout is not responsible for the initial delivery cost of any samples sent for the product review. Any non-consumable items will be donated and any consumable products will be disposed of at the discretion of Mr. Checkout Distributors. On occasion, Mr. Checkout will take a product to a retailer to test how the product performs in-store, however the supplier will be made fully aware of this beforehand.

Mr. Checkout is not responsible for lost or damaged items, or any fee’s associated with shipping.

Meeting Attendance

The product review meetings will be exclusively distributors, wholesalers, merchandisers, employees and contractors associated with Mr. Checkout Distributors. In the interest of time we do not allow presentations, demonstrations or spectators in on the product review meetings. All submissions will be contacted within 7 days after the meeting to either have the findings relayed or to setup a further conversation about a path moving forward.

Samples are to be sent to:

Mr. Checkout Distributors

381 South Central Ave.

Oviedo, FL 32765

Contact Phone Number: (407) 603-6557

Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST