Mr. Checkout Testimonials

Since 1989, Here are a few of our unsolicited testimonials from our valued suppliers, direct store delivery wagon-jobbers & distributors and product & business brokers.


“Thanks Billy !  Its been good working with Mr Checkout team and probably will soon hire another Blitz.  Thanks again.” – Ramon De Ycaza, President, MetroBrands, Inc.

“We knew there was a huge untouched urban market but we didn’t have a clue how to get our products into the c-stores direct to our audience. After speaking to Bob it was obvious this was money well spent. He was a comforting guide. We immediately decided to become a vendor member of Mr. Checkout and were able to contact distributors we felt comfortable with to begin launching our registered licensed brand. Then distributors began actually began contacting us! The Postel Group

3000 stores in eight states…our largest distributor so far, as well as others who have up to 500 stores, and even a few stores. Distribution is the name of the game – Mr. Checkout makes it a winner!” – Del Hendrixson, Bajito Onda, AZ

“They are beautiful pictures … You have no idea personally how happy I am, for me this is like landing on the moon!!! FINALLY AFTER 7 YEARS OF TRYING WE ARE IN THE US MARKET… Thank you very much for all you’ve done.”  José Checchini Rodriguez, GM, Dash Vanilla Mexico

“I have added over 100 new accounts many of which were referrals. One owner has seven stores. I run from $150 to $800 per trip out of most. One account runs $500 to $800 every week. I have another new store that looks like it will run over $1200 per week. We now serve over 150 accounts” Sherman in Orangeburg, South Carolina

“I have been with Mr. Checkout for nine years. I have a large phone card business that generates $200,000 per year.  I grossed almost $340,000 per year. I have about 130 stores. I don’t work weekends and my store owners are friendly. I COULD expand into many other items to increase my income but I am at a point in life I’d like to take it a little easy.” Jim in Syosset, NY

“My business is growing! I have expanded and hired an office lady and also training a new route lady! For a little country girl I ain’t doing so bad!” Brenda in TN

“I had my best month ever in October. I had sales of $23,684 and a gross profit of nearly $7000. Not bad for a guy in only his third month with Mr. Checkout” Joe in Bend, Oregon.

“Sales are GOOD and I’m still enjoying this business six years into it. I would recommend Mr. Checkout to anyone. Wish I had started this 30 years ago” Brian in Delaware, OH

“It’s been almost a year now and I wanted to report things are going well. My wife and I have evolved from a part time business to a full time business with an office. I have NEVER regretted for one minute joining the Mr. Checkout group. Thank you so much for your support and please keep up the good work!!! John & Nancy in Central Maine.

“I work about 3 days a week. After 30 years of working 60 hours for someone else. Mr. Checkout is a dream come true for me.” Al in Crystal Springs, MS

“Business is doing great- We work the route every other week. We go to the Caribbean once a month or every two months…ain’t life great?!!! All of our stores average about $300 to $500 now.” Dana & Rick in Fort Worth, TX.

“Well this week we’re off.  July we’re going to Fairbanks Alaska to see our newest Great Grandson. Our stores know we’re going so they will order for two deliveries so we can stay for three weeks. Pretty neat don’t you think? Talk to you soon.” Paul and Gail in NC

“Becoming a distributor offered me a gratifying feeling of being self-employed and a business that starts to pay for itself immediately.” John, New York

“Thanks Bob! It gets better all the time. Enjoying it thoroughly. My customers miss me when I go on vacation!” Margie,  Columbus, GA

“Now in my second year getting many referrals.” Glenn, State College, PA

“I have been doing this for 4 years now and still enjoy it. No nights or weekends.” Scott,  Lindenhurst, NY

“Growing steadily in sales volume. I have maxed out on number of customers in 10 months. Potential for summer sales looks great.” Don Glynn, Spring, TX

“My 4 day route business has doubled in one year and I expect it to double again.” Russ,  Jackson, NJ

“My route started out as a 30 store business and has grown to a 55 solid store base with potential for additional accounts.” Tom,   Grand Prairie, TX

“I have totally enjoyed this business.” Bill, Agawam, MA

“After being a distributor for a little over a year, I have been successful at surpassing all goals I’ve set for myself in this business.” Joe Cal/soon, Clarence, NY

“Unbelievably profitable.. .1 could not work for someone else and make nearly this much money!!” Denny & Betty, Kewanee, IL

“After 11 months, I have over 200 active accounts and a viable full time business.” Harry, Rochester, NY

“Representing your program is a win-win situation for all involved.” Tom West, Business Brokerage Press

“Thanks for the support you have given our offices. You have an excellent program with thorough training and follow-up for the purchasers.” Dennis D’Annunzio, Sunbelt Business Brokers

“Our clients and our offices are well pleased with the support that you offer.” Howard Bassuk, Franchise Network USA

“I want to congratulate you on your concept, its’ sale-ability and viability.” Bill Womack, Landmark Business Brokers, TX

“Bob is great at working with your clients.. .very thorough and always follows up.” Thom Crimans, FranNet, KY

“It’s a good feeling when you get a call from your client thanking you for helping them for realize their goal of finding the ‘perfect fit’ of a business for them.” John E. Sullivan, International Business Network, RI

“I am willing to bet that it ranks among the top opportunities we represent in providing excellent return to owners.” Mike Hall FranNet, NC

“Mr. Checkout” is an organization which our company is proud to be associated.” Bill Collins, Mr. Route Inc., NY

“The business offers real upside income potential in the high 5 figure range.” Steve Rosen, FranNet, PA

“I am delighted to offer my recommendation of Mr. Checkout to my associates.” Gordon Dupries, FranNet, CA

“It validates extremely well.. .1 have closed 2 and closing on a third very soon.” Gary Davis, FranNet, NE

“I have complete confidence in your ability to turn leads I generate into business Jack Armstrong, FranNet, NJ

“You have put together a wonderful program and it’s a pleasure working with you.” Norman Schutzman, Franchise Brokers Network