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Logistics & Warehousing

We will help you manage your

distribution network effectively and efficiently


Our team, which includes professionals with over 70+ years international trade can provide access to information on current markets as well as data on import duties, tariffs and customs.


We have a network of warehousing locations across the United States including multiple locations in Central Florida and Southern California. Our fulfilment locations can provide real-time data to our clients about the status of their products.


Our firm can provide the services of and act as a companies master distributor without the need to set up operations with the US. Through our network of warehousing we can provide low- cost access to other facilities through-out the United States.


Our team of logistics professionals can provide all of the neccesary logistics services including, docking, customs, trucking, back-hauling, and product returns.


Through our network of suppliers we can provide brokerage services for larger shipments and sourcing.

Pick-and-Pack Shipping

Pick-and-pack shipping is essential for any business that has moving parts. Making the change to outsourced shipping can help your business save money in the long run as you avoid the costs of land for storage, labor expenses, and fixed monthly costs. Our system allows for a variable rate that reflects the amount of service the suppliers actually use. This means rates will change as you grow, or aid you when you have slow time, but also assist you when business is in peak season.

Accepting shipments and storing goods are only part of a successful warehouse management operation. Customers who don’t receive the right items 100% of the time charge back, and they’re no longer customers.

Complete supply chain management for small and large retailers includes pick and pack – accepting small and large product shipments, disassembling them, storing them, picking out the products for each destination, packaging those products with labels and invoices, and then shipping them to your customer.

Mr. Checkout partners with specialists in the pick and pack market with clients ranging from large (15,000 sku’s and 1,500 shipments each day) to small (only a few items and a few daily orders.) The state of the art Warehouse Management System assembles orders quickly from the time you verify payment, and keeps cost low with simple interfaces and low learning curves for low cost labor forces, case content labeling for greater accuracy and recipient convenience, and other safeguards that assure 100% accuracy, zero defects, and complete customer satisfaction.

In the process of helping a product move along the supply chain, it usually gets stored in a warehouse somewhere for a period of time. Eventually, it will be directed off the shelf and into a truck for delivery at a retail store, manufacturing plant, or end consumer. For all intents and purposes, this would be considered picking and packing a product.

However; the complexity can vary greatly. That’s where proper planning, training and attention to detail is crucial. Whether it’s feeding a manufacturing plant the parts they need to keep machines running, or retrieving various SKU numbers of finished goods for distribution, RBW Logistics has the resources, technology and know-how to run your pick operation.

With a supplier pull managed inventory, manufacturers order a variety of different parts and quantities to feed their assembly lines. On the back end of the process, you’re filling orders and shipping finished product out to your customers. This may consist of one particular item or a combination of many. As always, time is of the essence. Our team has years of experience in organizing, picking and distributing these parts and products to keep businesses running smoothly.

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