Joel Goldstein

Joel Goldstein


Retail Trendspotter, Author & CPG Strategist

Joel is the “go-to” person when trying to place a new product into retail. He is the author of Amazon’s best selling book Start From Success, and host of . Focused on the retail sector, he is able to advise you where your product will be best received.

He has contributed to Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. and regularly is used as a retail industry expert on Fox News. Joel has the experience needed to develop a actionable go-to-market strategy, placing product on retail shelves nationwide in independent stores and with major retailers.

Zinnia Ortiz

Distribution Relationship Manager

Zinnia is delighted to be part of the Mr. Checkout team! She studied Communications at the University of Central Florida and has more than 10 years in retail management experience. Her areas of specialty included the clientele services, operations, and luxury sales. Working closely with people, her attention to detail, and following-up comes naturally to Zinnia. She enjoys photography, traveling, and spending time with her son.

Jessica Levine

Retail Relationship Manager

Jessica is a Psychology major at the University of Central Florida. She is originally from Edison, New Jersey but has been in Florida for most of her life. She has worked in both retail and customer service, and loves communicating with people and establishing relationships.

Paula Roche

Paula Roche

New Product Manager

Paula comes from a product purchasing background and brings a fresh new perspective to our product review meetings. She is the one that keeps our system on the tracks and makes sure that our team is always on the same page.

Amanda Blakely

Office Manager

Amanda has a fantastic attitude and an eye for details. She graduated with honors from Florida State University and is a true Seminoles football fan!

Bree Goldstein

Bree Goldstein

Public Relations Director

Bree has “boots on the ground” experience. She has represented the government, large organizations (such as United Way), small companies and public figures. She currently works with Mr. Checkout to launch new products into the spotlight!

Adam Solomon

Marketing Director

Adam graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in business marketing. Since then he’s worked with Mr. Checkout to develop a strong pipeline able to present hot new products to over 1,000 distributors. As marketing director, Adam is able to reach out and find opportunities to get products more exposure increasing overall sales for Mr. Checkout Suppliers.

Bob Goldstein

Bob Goldstein


Bob has 35 years of distribution experience to include the consumer goods, wholesale and retail industries in addition to consulting in same.  Bob founded Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc. in 1989 and continues to steer its growth today proudly servicing in excess of 35,000 retail locations.  Bob holds a BS from Belknap College in NH and served in the U.S. Army Reserves for a decade.

Office Support Team

Office Staff