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Mosquito Repellent Natural Trends


Mosquito season has not even reached its peak, but Americans are stocking up on mosquito repellent regardless, mainly because of the heightened risk of Zika virus. In fact, RetailMeNot estimates that 58% of consumers are planning to buy some sort of mosquito repellent product, from candles and spray to protective clothing, to ease their fears of contracting Zika. However, many of the mosquito repellents that are on the market contain harmful ingredients that consumers do not want to expose themselves or their children to.

Consumers desire to avoid mosquitos combined with their tendency to look for all natural products has led to the rise of natural mosquito repellent products. Here’s a look at the trends that wholesale distributors should expect to see in this market:

Wearable repellents

Instead of relying on traditional delivery methods such as the spray, oil or cream, some brands are turning to wearable mosquito repellents that are safe for people of all ages. Essencell mosquito repellent bracelets are 100% natural and appeal to kids with their bright colors and fun designs. Each bracelet offers 30 days of protection, and is packaged with refills. Because the bracelet can also be attached to strollers, bags, backpacks or purses, they can be worn by anyone even though they are marketed towards kids.


Instead of having to apply mosquito repellent every time you step outside, some brands are hoping to provide consumers with lasting protection that they don’t have to think about. Osana Bar is an all natural mosquito repellent in soap form, so consumers can lather up in the shower and protect themselves from mosquitos without applying greasy oils or sprays. Wholesale distributors should expect this product to do especially well in parts of the country where people spend a lot of time outdoors, and don’t want to have to reapply mosquito repellents throughout the day.

Essential Oils

The most traditional form of natural mosquito repellents, essential oils, remains popular among the all-natural crowd of consumers. Although people have expressed doubts that all-natural oils can be as effective as harsh chemicals, a study done by Time Magazine showed that one oil in particular, lemon eucalyptus, is just as effective as products containing DEET. This particular oil is derived from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree and can repel mosquitos and other insects for around two hours before having to be reapplied. Although wholesale distributors should expect to see a rise in all essential oils that are used as mosquito repellents, including lavender, rosemary and citronella, lemon eucalyptus is by far the most efficient.

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