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Marijuana Business Daily

An industry with over 5 billion dollars in sales is bound to have its business news outlet. Though marijuana has hidden behind the windows and in the dark corners for long, it has been quite profitable and relatively professional. The relaxation of regulation banning its use in several states of the United States has fully given the industry a green light to expand to its widest reach. This has led to the acquisitions of some companies; the synthesizing of CBD into several variants; and the organizing of events geared towards bringing professionals in the marijuana trade together.

Marijuana Business Daily comes as an offset of the expansion of the industry. With over 8 years in existence, the business news outlet is a Denver, Colorado based business news outlet for professional in the recreational and medical cannabis industry in the United States. The publication was founded by Marijuana Business Media, a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc. It is edited by Chris Walsh.

The publication started in 2012 the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon), a national trade show for the legal marijuana industry. It is annually held in Las Vegas in the fall and is widely recognized as the largest professional trade show for legal Cannabis markets and ancillary products in the world. Complementing this show is the MJBizConNeXT which happens every spring. This latter event focuses on emerging markets, methods, and technology in the Cannabis industry. The newest annual show is MJBizCon INT’L first held in Toronto in August 2018, which focuses on international legalization and commercialization.

Known as the leading business news information resource for the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry, Marijuana Business Daily editors and reporters bring retailers, professional cultivators, infused product makers, ancillary service providers, and finance professionals the information and networking they need to flourish within the cannabis industry.

It is well to note that the marijuana industry is a multi-billion dollar industry within the legal and illegal societies. Its growth is projected to be exponential. With the increase in the number of states legalizing the use of the plant, there are several products with marijuana additives on the shelves. From beverages, to cosmetics, to food seasoning and several other variants have hit the shelves in various retail outlets where it is legal to publicly sell them. This acceptance has also brought in a wave of companies and products to satisfy the use of marijuana users. This increases the choice available to the average user of marijuana. It used to be hard to get vaporizers and its variants but with stores and retail websites largely dedicated to marijuana, there is excess in the market and the competition is getting tough.

Thus, the work of Marijuana Business Daily is highly commendable. All the efforts at giving a solid face to the industry are needed. Ensuring full legalization of marijuana is in the course of the publication’s goal. Business reporting in this line will help foster accountability of emerging companies who deal in the production of marijuana products.

As the most established business information resource for the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry, Marijuana Business Media’s editors bring dispensaries, professional cultivators, edibles and infused product makers, and ancillary services and suppliers the information and networking they need to flourish.




If you have a product, we want to hear from you!