Sunscreen SPF50 Minerals Formula

Sunscreen SPF50 Minerals Formula

Our SPF50 is an award winning formula that just got a contract with the US Department of Defense and the Department of Logistics as the sole provider of Sunscreen for the next five years. We currently sell truck loads of our Sunscreen to all the Army, Navy, Air Force, US Coast Guard, Marines and all the bases around the world.

This year alone we are expected to sell 1.5 million dollars on this SPF50 Sunscreen formula alone. We came up with a new brand that reflects our desire to move from the military market to the outdoors community market. Our brand is WARRIOR – WIN YOUR BATTLES-

We are also in production of SPF8, SPF15. SPF30 minerals formula (Titanium Dioxide + Zinc Oxide) the safest combination proven by third party lab analysis and certified effectiveness.

Soon we will come with an aggressive social media marketing campaign and now we believe that it is time to find distributors that are ready to make money with us.

For summer we are also coming with Sprays in SPF8, SPF15, SPF30 and SPF50, plus a spray with Insect repellent and SPF30

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

JJ Agudelo
United Spirit of America
10617 Walnut Valley Dr
Phone N561-200-7202
Boynton Beach, Florida 33473
Email [email protected]