Z0Cal Inc. is the parent company for both Z0Cal Lite Ice Cream and ReHL Ice Cream.

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About ZoCal Lite Ice Cream

Z0Cal Lite Ice Cream is the best tasting and lowest calorie lite ice cream on the market. We are seeing incredible sales volumes and rebuy rates in stores and online. Z0Cal Lite Ice Cream fits all diets.

With Z0Cal Lite Ice Cream we want to help make a difference in our industry and in our customers’ lives by creating the worlds First line of zero calorie and ultra low calorie ice creams and frozen desserts. We are focused on creating delicious products that consumers can enjoy while fitting into any lifestyle, diet, or health regiment they choose.

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About ReHL Ice Cream

ReHL Ice Cream is a full fat keto ice cream that competes against all major ice cream brands on taste. ReHL has the calories, protein, and carb counts of some of the most popular lite ice creams on the market but competes with all brands on taste. Taste it to believe it!

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Tyler Thompson
Z0Cal Inc.
6321 Gothard Street Unit D
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone 949-838-5007