World Market – The only Pita worth eating!

Our Whole Wheat Pita has a 4 wk shelf life and no preservatives!

World MarketThe only Pita worth eating!

> No artificial preservatives.
> Thicker pitas that don’t break when stuffed.
> Certified Kosher.

Whole wheat pitas that taste amazing.


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Pita bread is a staple in many of the world’s Middle Eastern as well as Mediterranean cuisines. A form of round pocket bread, pita bread is found all throughout North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The well-known pocket in the pita bread is left in the middle after the steam which puffs up the dough has been permitted to cool somewhat and flatten. The origin of the word “pita” goes back to Greek, where it literally means either pie or cake. On the other hand, regular bread is made out of just a dough of flour and water that is cooked, and some other ingredients. While regular bread is more common for making sandwiches in the West, pita bread has grown in popularity in the same region due to the use of its pocket as a way of making a sandwich.

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