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Why Big Box Stores Won’t Take Your Product

It’s no easy task to get the attention of the retail giants. Sometimes it feels like you’re waving your hands (or your product) in their faces, and still they don’t notice. There are procedures to follow, people to contact and tricks of the trade to get a product in big box stores. There are also plenty of reasons these corporations will turn their backs on a seemingly great product idea. Here are three reasons why big box stores won’t take your product:

No Sales:
Without a positive sales record, big box stores have no reason to trust your product. They have no reason to believe your product will sell on their shelves if it hasn’t sold in the past. You need to show there is a real, tangible demand for your product, and the best way to do that is to have a sales history showing a steady growth in sales.


No History with Retailer:

Another reason why big box stores are likely to turn down your product is if you lack history with and are unfamiliar with the retailer. If you haven’t shopped there before and you have not thoroughly vetted the location— the potential aisle or department— where you imagine your product being placed, the retailer will notice in conversation.

It’s important to know everything about a potential retailer; know their customer, their pricing strategies, their values, their locations, their customer service and their preferred method of communication. Researching the company and the person you’ll be contacting will help you to build rapport when the time comes to pitch your product. If you don’t know the company, the company won’t take your product. You may have a great new item, but your product needs to fit the retailer and its target market.

No National Marketing:

Brand awareness can make or break a product. If you have yet to implement a national marketing campaign to create brand awareness, build buzz and familiarize the consumer with your product, big box stores won’t take your product.
There are 3,431 Walmart Supercenters across the country, 650 Sam’s Club and 1,799 Target stores in the U.S., so if you have yet to implement a nationwide marketing strategy to familiarize the purchasing public with your product, you’re missing out on huge amounts of potential future revenue.

Should a big box store choose to carry your product, you’ll have a lot to catch up on. Plus, you need to be ready to hit the ground running. Another competing company may have already implemented a marketing campaign, demonstrating initiative and forward thinking, and also saving the corporation money.

Now that you know the reasons big box stores will decline your product, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!