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Distribute Bajito Onda – Hottest Sunglasses in the Market

Become a distributor. Fabulous locking case, triangular shape, hottest designs with art and sexy coolness – Your audience will love ’em. Call me direct and lock down your territory now!. I am the licensor of the registered trademarked brand Bajito Onda – Del Hendrixson – Now Shipping – Custom areas codes and
city nicknames make us the Hottest! Call Del 214-275-6632

Visit our Website: http://www.bajitoonda.com/bo


Hot New Item – Energy-X Gum…

Energy-X Gum is now being placed on Checkout Counters in California and Texas. IMMEDIATE Energy that lasts all-day with no CRASH!!! Brand new Energy-X sugar-free gum is packed with EIGHT Energy BOOST Sessions -That’s a WEEKS WORTH of Energy for the same price as one energy shot or drink. With its high energy package design, clean and exciting In-store marketing materials (POS) and strong social media following on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, tens of thousands of customers are being drawn to this NEW product line.

For more information on Energy-X Gum –


For Wholesale Orders Call 818-998-0996 or
email [email protected]


Distribute Electronic Cigarettes from greensmartliving


Electronic Cigarettes are in Big Demand! Our Start Now Super E-Cigarette is a hot seller with big profit potential! Don’t miss out! Greensmartliving makes rechargeable Starter Kits, Refills and Accessories that offer a healthier alternative to smoking while making amazing profits selling them. FREE full color Dispensers and Posters available with purchase. Excellent distributorship opportunities and spiff programs. Contact Justin Peterson via
email at [email protected] or call 801-871-3484.

Visit: www.greensmartliving.com smart.smoking.starts.now.




Distribute or retail Logic: electronic disposable cigarettes .
The HOTTEST national brand electronic disposable cigarettes
on the market. SOLD in thousands of C-stores. Don’t miss out
on the opportunity to make BIG MONEY with the nations leader
in electronic cigarettes!!!!!! WE ARE A BRAND NAME NOT

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: http://www.logicsmokes.com
David Stewart, Stewart Distributors 888-543-7440


It’s Apple Season, Hit a Home Run distributing SENECA APPLE CHIPS


Three popular flavors; Original, Cinnamon and Caramel. Order these “Quick Selling Snacks” in a 60 ct. case assorted with 20 of each flavor, with a low minimum of just 7 cases @ 44 cents per unit – @ $ 26.40 per case – 14 cases less 5% or a solid pallet of 28 cases less 10%. Keep in mind you may also order in straight cases. You may also order a 96 ct mixed shipper of this delicious snack @ 44 cents per unit, $ 42.24 per shipper less 10% – 20 shipper minimum. This shipper contains 48 Original, 24 Cinnamon, and 24 Caramel.
For more information, and to place your orders call

Joe Marotta @ 315-468-4356 or Email him [email protected]


Distribute Zaney Bars….


Red Dawn is proud to announce Zaney Bar, the hottest selling product on the market! Is your life like a circus? Take a Zaney & Jump in the ring. Be the master and Tame the Beast!!! Zaney Bars are the ultimate in Relaxation made with 100% Pure Blue Lotus Extract. For more information and your special Mr. Checkout pricing call Brian – (866)639-3865


Distribute Red Dawn Top 5 Mood Enhancers…


Do your customers say they have limited space on their counter for your products? Well then, the Red Dawn countertop display rack is just what you need. It contains our 5 top selling MOOD ENHANCERS and is only 6 inches wide/7 inches deep/24
inches tall. This is a great profit potential for you and roughly a $700 retail value for your customer.

For your special Mr. Checkout pricing, contact Brian at Red Dawn (678)363-4551.


Distribute BaccOff(TM) Energized and get a Free T-Shirt!


ENERGIZED ! Bacc-Off Smokeless, No Tobacco, No Nicotine Chew NOW OFFERS a Non Tobacco Snuff with Energy added. YES ENERGIZED! 30 Million Snuff users want a change and every dipper wants that “Extra Punch” of adrenalin – we NOW offer it! Bacc-Off Energized is the only dedicated “energy added” non-tobacco snuff available so get it now! Comes in Extra Wintergreen and Straight flavors. Packed 12/12’s, minimum is one case and is a guaranteed sale. For a limited time only, buy one case and receive a FREE BaccOff Tee Shirt.

For more information on how to sell or distribute our Bacc-Off line, give Joe Marotta a call @ 315-468-4356 or Email him at [email protected] Remember Bacc-Off is 100% guaranteed and you get a Free T-shirt with one case!


Distribute The Double Lever Wine Opener


Opener is a price-master in the wine opening tool business. If you have a beer wine department this is a most have. Excellent profits. The design is a popular design in that category and often is a best seller. Call Mr. Checkout to place your order today. Do not fool yourself by offering only a low-end cork extractor. This tool sells very well!

Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc., 1650 SW 22nd Ave. Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33486, Office (561) 367-0076, Toll Free Office (800) 367-0076, Fax: (561) 367-0021


Distribute Packaged Firewood

Blue Flame Industries -1 cu ft. bag of packaged firewood with fire starter seasoned and kiln dried to meet USDA and NYS requirements – Serving the tri-state area/easy access to I-95 60 bags per pallet Call for details (p) 203-78-8430 (f) 203-783-9979

Email Us: [email protected]


Distribute BLU Disposable eCigs…

BLU disposable electronic cigarettes are in very high demand!



They are a hot seller with big profit potential! BLU disposables are available in convenience stores worldwide. They come 12 units per display. Flavors: Classic Tobacco & Magnificent Menthol. Buy in volume to get the best price! Also available, BLU Starter Kits

Brian Milgate, Account Executive
P: 704-559-5209
C: 704-340-8103
F: 704-527-4066
[email protected]


The Closeout News/Wholesale Merchandise

has been In business for nearly 25 years bringing
buyers to sellers, business to business.
Contact: Tonya Bercaw – Account Executive
Toll Free: 1-866-690-9959
Direct Phone: (865) 689-6777
Email: [email protected]


Distribute RuckPack Energy Shots


Be the first to distribute/sell RuckPack, the world’s first shot designed and tested by Special Operations Forces. Free distributor sample available upon request. Sugar and caffeine free, RuckPack is a combat proven energy shot that also functions as a 6 in 1 supplement. RuckPack sustains energy when peak performance is critical. Created by a veteran owned company, up to 75% of profits benefit active duty owners, military charities, and their families. RuckPack is Combat Nutrition. Get Some!

Learn more at www.ruckpack.com

To speak to a Marine about ordering RuckPack, call 916-374-7949
or email [email protected]




Why deal with messy sunscreen lotions or sprays?! Fusion Sunscreen wipes
make it easy to apply sunscreen. SPF 30+, broad spectrum UVA/UVB
protection, PABA-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E enriched. Safe for adults and kids to enjoy hours in the outdoors. Meets current FDA guidelines for sunscreen. Available in 10pk or 25pk box. Great to place at point-of-sale near the cash registers.

Great introductory pricing! Email [email protected] or call
847.452.7233. www.fusionsunscreen.com


Distribute Stash Lighters…

The lighters come in a master carton of 40 boxes of 12 each
in a pop display. The are 1.00 each, so a master carton is $480
plus shipping. Depending on you location, shipping is about $50.00
due to the hazmat rating. If you are interested in larger quantities
shipping would be less if we did an LTL motor freight shipment.
You can see a lot more details about the lighter on our website


Mention Mr. Checkout to qualify for these prices.

Arnold Heckman, Office: 301-356-9096 ext. 312 Cell: 301-717-8416




Distribute or retail Logic: electronic disposable cigarettes .
The HOTTEST national brand electronic disposable cigarettes
on the market. SOLD in thousands of C-stores. Don’t miss out
on the opportunity to make BIG MONEY with the nations leader
in electronic cigarettes!!!!!! WE ARE A BRAND NAME NOT

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: http://www.logicsmokes.com

David Stewart, Stewart Distributors 888-543-7440


DISTRIBUTE..Extenze Male Enhancement

Direct Manufacture Pricing equals BIG MARGINS FOR YOU…
#1 male enhancement product in U.S…NEW packaging and pricing
recently developed for the C-Stores, Bodega customer who may not
have a lot of money to spend in the big box stores. $60m advertising
for your new product.

Contact John at 614-431-7972 [email protected]

Credit cards accepted. Visit: www.TNSINTL.com


Pork Skins….. Low Carb, High turn and addictive to your customers.

Carolina brand is one that people become loyal to after the first bag.
I have been distributing this product for 5 years and have it in over 100 stores. It is the Number one seller in our entire company.
They have several sizes and flavors to maximize your sales.
Are you looking for ways to increase your sales at each stop?
Are your customers looking to you to bring in something new?
Small minimum orders and fast shipping.
They are great people to work with.

Tom Clark
502 322 5352
[email protected]




Euphallic is an all natural male enhancement product. It is natural,
safe and we only use the highest quality of ingredients. Euphallic
works on 5 different fronts to enhance a man’s sexual health and virility.
The extra plus is that Euphallic has shown to double as a product
that increases energy and stamina.

Check out our website at http://www.euphallic.com

15 Ct. x 4 pill pack display box
Ask about the Mr. Checkout special!
Contact: Diane at Corp. Office: 626-698-0090
Email: [email protected]


Convenience Stores Franchise Opportunities

You will find convenience store franchises,
c-store franchises, food store franchises, mini market
franchises, and grocery store franchises here:


Want a NEW HOT product nobody has everyone wants?

Check out Opticbrights


Get 10% off for the Month of September..Don’t Wait! FREE SHIPPING


FrazTagz Are Hot!


Don’t get left behind on the hottest fad to sweep the nation since Silly Bandz. We’ve already exhausted our existing inventory and are now taking orders for mid-September delivery. Kids love this product, and its design and color / phrase variations drive multiple purchases. Priced to move quick and deliver a big profit margin, FrazTagz are proving to be a big hit.

Retail displays price list: http://home.fuse.net/garcia7/fraztagz/price%20retail%20displays.htm

Visit us on the web at http://www.fadsations.com

Contact us at [email protected] or call 513-607-0848.


DISTRIBUTE Electronic Cigarettes from Colorado E-Smokes


We carry high quality & most popular models. Full line of 6 different kits,
accessories and our NEW top selling Nic Fix Disposables and 100% US
Made E-liquid. Been in business for over 2 years, with 800 service number,
and the best warranty in the industry. Don’t waste time and money on
cheap crappy products….get what works! Contact John at 888-908-3244
or email at [email protected]

Visit www.ColoradoE-Smokes.com for more info.


Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go –

Hangover Recovery Shot! The Official Product Of The Hangover Movie!


Hangover Joe’s is the Leading Hangover Recovery Shot in The Nation!
Hangover Joe’s is The Official Hangover Recovery Shot for The Hangover Movie! The Recovery Shot aids in hangover relief. Hangover Joe’s is combination of antioxidants and amino acids that help to relieve a hangover. The product is a totally green product.


[email protected]



Sampler Gift Boxes w/ QR CODES deliver HUGE sales of
HIGHLY Profitable 50ml bottles!

Call 585-764-7878 and Mention Mr. Checkout for bonuses.


Distribute Three Lollies Products…

All natural products for nausea and a new smoking cessation product! Preggie Pops, Preggie Pop Drops helps ease nausea associated with morning sickness. Queasy Pops, Queasy Drops and Queasy Pop Kids help with nausea from cancer treatment, travel sickness and general nausea. Use Hangover Sucks when you’ve had too much alcohol and need to get back in the game. Smoking Sucks are a new, natural way to help stop smoking.

Visit our website at www.threelollies.com

For wholesale info email [email protected] or call 818-704-5422.


Sell Revolution eCigs….

Continue the Revolution by selling the Revolution Electronic Cigarette, your # 1 solution for E-Cigarettes. Large inventory of the Starter Kits, Regular and Menthol Cartridges, home and car chargers, and metal carrying cases. We will honor defective merchandise with replacements towards future orders while supplies last.

Call: Jim 609-513-2198 for more info.
Email: [email protected]
McLean Company / A Mr. Checkout Distributor since 1996


NEW… Visit our Platinum What’s Hot Members Here

Distribute On Point Energy – America’s Energy Shot


On Point Energy shots provide sustainable energy and focus for up to 6 hours. This high turn, high margin 2.0oz energy shot is a product of Veterans Global Ventures which has committed up to 40% of their profits to help support our nation’s veterans, troops and their families.

Learn more at www.onpointshot.com
To order contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 888-551-0629. See our recent media coverage at: http://tinyurl.com/OPEUSA-FOX-News


Attention Distributors & Manufacturers

The Closeout News/Wholesale Merchandise has been In business
for nearly 25 years bringing buyers to sellers, business to business.

If you sell wholesale, advertise your products nationwide with a color ad for as low as $99/month which includes website exposure and links. (additional ad sizes also available).

Issues are mailed to the owners of convenient stores, truck stops,
variety stores, mom & pop stores, dollar stores, wholesale distributors and many more each month.

Publications are also distributed at over 30 trade shows annually.

Small price to pay for so much exposure.

Call now to make our next issue. We will even design your ad
for you at no additional cost.

Contact: Tonya Bercaw – Account Executive
Toll Free: 1-866-690-9959
Direct Phone: (865) 689-6777
Email: [email protected]


Sweepstakes phone Cards

Make Big Money Selling our cards to your locations
You tried the rest , Now Try the Best

Email [email protected]
Web www.poppinpepper.com


Distribute Presidential Car Magnets


Presidential Car Magnets: Providing ways to show support for
Presidential Candidates without the permanence factor of
bumper stickers. Magnetic Ovals 4″ x 6″: Retail $5


[email protected]


Rise’ n Roll Specialties #1 Seller


Soft Buttery crunch. Made with real butter. No preservatives.
Give your customers a taste and the product sells itself!
6 different kinds! Cashew, Pecan, Nutty, Peanut,
Chocolate Covered Cashew, and Chocolate Covered Pecan

Visit our website at www.risenrollbakery.com or
Call us at 574-825-4032


NEW… Visit our Platinum What’s Hot Members Here


AKR CORPORATION – Wholesale Distributors of GM / HBC


AKR Corp is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the country,
suppliers of health and beauty aids, and general merchandise.
Please check out our new website, www.akrcorp.com for all our items!!
We carry all name brand’s including Bic, US Playing Cards,
Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, Trojans, Duracell,
5 Hour Energy and much much more.
We offer great prices and quick delivery, also having exceptional
customer service and a great reputation for years.
Please give a call or an email if you have any needs.

AKR Corp
10 Hub Drive
Melville, NY 11747
Ph- (631)249-4321
Fax- (631)249-4320
[email protected] or [email protected]


Opticbrights – Earn Huge profit$

Opticbrights are an exciting NEW product to the market place which will enhance store revenues. Opticbrights are stylish premium LED lighted
reading glasses which have tiny LED lights built right into the temples
of our glasses. We carry a full line of lens strengths from +0.00 – +3.00. They are sold 25 per case/ with display that sits on any counter.
This product is NEW,hot and sells itself.
Best Prices anywhere, FREE shipping always.

For more info visit: http://www.opticbrights.com


Distribute Candy Rocks the Edible RYO Cig Holder


72ct Tubs of Candy Rocks for .17 each or $12 per Display Tub as shown.
Best by July 2012. Assorted flavors. Candy Rocks sell up to .79 each retail. Great Distribuor Margins! Minimum Free Freight is 48 Displays. Credit Cards Accepted.
For more info and to order: [email protected]


Distribute the DISPOSABLE Electronic Cigarette Everyone is Asking for!


Grab the attention of first-time buyers and pocket huge profits
with high margins and repeat sales! Known for quality, thick
vapor and great taste, each V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
lasts as long as TWO PACKS of tobacco cigarettes.
In LIGHT and FULL Nicotine strengths!
Take them Anywhere! Second Hand Smoke Free!
Tar Free! Carbon Monoxide Free!
Choose from rich Tobacco or refreshing Menthol flavors.
Attractive display options, PERFECT for smoke free areas.

Website: www.v2cigs.com
Email: [email protected]

or call 305-748-2018 for your free catalog


Fall 2011 Trade Survey Results:

The following items and categories have shown
increased sales at retail as reported by distribtors
and wholesalers nationwide…

CG Roxane LLC’s Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water
General Mills’ Chex Mix
Lazy Cakes
21st Century Brands E6 6-hr. Energy Shot
Tweak Extreme Energy Drink by Altas Imports
Wrigley’s Extra Dessert Delights – Orange Creme Pop
Mars’ Milky Way Simply Caramel
Arizona Ice Tea
ConAgra Food’s new Slim Jim line: Dare
Nicotek Water Vapor Metro Premium e-Cigs
Coppertone and Ocean Potion
Electronic Cigarette category
Cigarillos category
Roll Your Own category
Champs Chicken Food Service line
Trident’s Vitality from Kraft Foods
Stride Spark Gum from Kraft Foods
Snickers Peanut Butter from Mars
Hershey Co’s Reese’s Mini King Size
Mars’ Snickers Peanut Butter Squared
Hershey’s Drops
Hershey’s Ice Breakers
National Tobacco Co’s Red Cap
Republic Tobacco’s Gambler
Tantus Tobaccos’ Bacco RYO
R.J. Reynolds’ Camel Snus
Planter’s Flavor Grove Pistachio Sea Salt and Black Pepper
Wicked Whoopie Pies
Simply Orange and Lemonade
Tropicana Single Serve Naked Juices
Dippin’ Stix
5-Hour Energy
Skittles Blenders
5 Vortex Gum
Juicy Fruit Secret Gum
Lindt & Sprugli Lindor Truffles

Contact your full-line grocery wholesalers / distributors for more info. Looking for a full-line grocery company:



Easy Brownie PM


Delicious, Chocolate Chip Relaxation Brownie / Huge Profits, repeat sales!! Anti-Anxiety and Relaxation / Same Day Shipping!
For more information on Easy Brownie PM, call 866-740-9601, ext 107.Starco Impex is a nationwide volume distributor specializing in convenience store products. Please visit our website and online store at http://www.starcoimpex.com

Starco Impex is an exclusive distributor for national brands. For a Starco Impex catalog, email your business name and address to

[email protected]


Ultimate Gold Detox


Give your customers a great brand name they already know.
Ultimate Gold stimulates the bodies’ natural cleansing process.
This stimulation quickens detoxification allowing Ultimate Gold to work in less than one hour!
Awesome repeat business with huge retailer profits.
Special Mr. Checkout member pricing is available and we have a Low 100.00 minimum order.
We have over 8000 sku’s which include tobacco accessories, detox, incense, and adult items

email [email protected] or call (800) 626-5395 ex 54 for a free 280 page catalog.


Price Master Corp.

Wholesalers/Distributors/Importers of Convenience store items
We carry 3000+ fast moving items. Quick Delivery,
Great Prices & Excellent Service.
We supply to Wholesalers, Distributors, Jobbers,
Cash & carry Outlets, D -Stores etc..
General merchandise, Health & Beauty Aids, Energy products,
Batteries, Condoms, Lighters, Household products,
Cigarette &Tobacco Accessories, Candy, Gum, Novelty,
Automotive + much much more…
Call us today at 1-800-538-3873 for a full listing Catalogue.

Your Profit Connection
57-07 31st Ave
Woodside NY 11377
Tel 718-626-7779
Fax 718-626-4095
Toll free 1-800-538-3873


The 100% Mobile Phone Accessory Solution: Pre-Packaged and Ready to Sell.

Specifically Designed for Small Grocery, Service Stations, Quick Marts and General Merchandise Industry. Comprehensive All Inclusive Mobile Phone Accessories Instant Business, Instant Profits / Merchandised in a Single Floor Shipper Sets up in 4 Minutes in 16″ x 16″ Of Floor Space (60 Units per Display)
Covers 90%+ of all Mobile Accessory Needs / Cases, Headphones, Chargers and Bluetooth Self Service Unit, Color Coded packaging, Consumer Friendly, sells Itself, All Product Warrantied To Consumer / View at


SEND ORDERS TO [email protected]

$899.00 MSRP with 60% Margin for the Retailer



Preferred Fragrance now offering Mens and Womens popular perfume impressions – assorted and beautifully packaged – in ready space saving PDQ: 1- Womens Wallet size perfume and lotion set 1 oz. / 15 pc ( $1.70 each) $25.50 per pdq 2- Womens vial perfumes 0.65 oz. / 24 pcs ($1.20 each ) $28.80 per pdq 3- Mens Perfumes 3.3 oz /16 pcs ($2.00 each) $32.00 per pdq PDQ sizes range from 12 ” W x 8″D.

Minimum order of 50 pdq’s is required for this low price. Pdq’s may be combined.

Feel free to call or email Judy T: 917-685-4794

E: [email protected] or Isaac T: 917-306-1906
E: [email protected]


Distribute “CafA� 125″ from Topplez Corp …


A Buyer’s NEW #1 Item: NEW!! CafA� 125 Gourmet Teasers, 15 – 8oz. containers (1 case) with FREE 6” wide countertop display. **NEW Lightning Bolt Formula!** With Muscle-Building Properties! Create New Customers! Increase Sales! Great Profit Margins! **FREE FILLS** Order Now! FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU PURCHASE TWO OR MORE CASES! Visit our website at www.topplez.com for **SPECIAL OFFERS**!! Or call 800-580-6068.
“When There’s No Time For Sleepy Time.” Ask for Melissa!


Distribute Spot Mobile from Alert Communications!

Spot Mobile phones are hot sellers at C-Stores with a MSRP of $14.99 to the customer!
Spot Mobile works off of both AT&T and T Mobile towers, so the signal strength can’t be beat!
Spot Mobile phones come with 100 minutes loaded free upon activation!

Deep discounts on air time cards!

Call Jon LaPere at (248) 687-2300 or (248) 210-3899 for more information.






CALL: 954-733-1042 TOLL FREE: (877) 526-8393


Distribute the World’s 1st Authentic Hangover cure – CHEERZ(TM)!

Vegas-tested & Doctor-approved CheerzA� IntelliShot(TM) is a 1.7 oz. blend of natural immune system boosters and super-antioxidants that prevents hangovers!


Sold in 1.7 oz Intellishots as well as tablet form (iTabs), CHEERZ(TM) is the PERFECT checkout companion product for any store that sells alcohol – -you now have the antidote to alcohol toxicity as well! IntelliShot and iTabs promote
responsible alcohol consumption, increase day-after productivity, and will create repeat business for your store like no other product – – be the first in your area to carry Cheerz IntelliShot and iTabs!

www.CheerzHangover.com or e-mail [email protected]


Introducing Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief.


A proven time tested formula utilizing all natural essential oils
in use since 1933, now available nationwide! Amazingly Strong &
Effective for arthritis, muscle aches, joint stiffness and much more.
Also available is Lip Doc our signature lip balm which will heal
cracked and chapped lips.

Visit our web site www.amishorigins.com

or contact us toll free at 1-888-530-7613.

To get a free sample e mail [email protected]


Lazy Cakes – the Relaxation Brownies – free shipping on 12 display case order.
Lazy Cakes have relaxation built into every bite! Rich, chocolate brownies. The way you used to make em’. Fastest growing market segment. Lazy cakes are baked with all natural ingredients including melatonin, valerian root, passion flower and of course lots of rich chocolate. This is the fastest growing category in the country. Place the display box on the counter and watch your sales go up, up, up!
For ordering info email [email protected] or call Bob 561-367-0076 for special wholesale pricing.


Distribute Hollow Pointz


100% recycled aluminum disposable pipes. Great impulse item for convenience
stores or tourist areas. Counter displays available. Convenience of a pipe with
the continuous burn of a rolled cigarette! Awesome repeat business.
Special Mr. Checkout member pricing is available and we have a Low 100.00
minimum order. We have over 8000 sku’s which include tobacco accessories,
detox, incense, and adult items email [email protected] or
call (800) 626-5395 ex 54 for a free 320 page catalog.


Distribute The First And Only Healthier, All Natural Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich

Sandwiches With the LowFat and Calories!
70% Less fat and 30% Less Calories Than An Ordinary PB&J!.
Each 4 oz. Sandwich Is Only 280 Calories.
Made with all natural, delicious Better’n Peanut Butter
with 85% less fat and 40% less calories than
regular peanut butter.

All natural strawberry and grape jam with no preservatives or added sugars
All natural whole grain white or whole wheat bread.
No trans fats, no saturated fats, no cholesterol
and no refined sugar.
No GMO peanuts
Refrigerated. thaw to eat.

Visit us on the web at www.betternpeanutbutter.com
Call 631-726-4433. email [email protected]

Make by Wonder Natural Foods Corp, Watermill, NY 11976.


Get a piece of the large telecom market…

There is now an easy way to make money distributing virtual pre-paid calling cards to your retailers. With the innovative Call Freak Web Portal, you can easily provide retailers with a PIN less International Call product that they can sell to their customers. The Call Freak PIN Less virtual cards require no inventory and provide excellent rates to call anywhere around the world. You will be amazed at how simple it is to make money selling virtual cards.

Call us today at (305) 710-3985 or visit us at https://callfreak.com/en/



Newly packaged 1 NU1 Disposable Cigarette per package. Pre Charge for
1000 PUFFS per Cigarette. Best results in the Country.

Call B & R Enterprises @205-566-0908, or 205-856-9700.
email: [email protected]


Dog Lovers! Scented air fresheners featuring the most popular dog breeds!


Tiny “masterpieces” created from original oil paintings by a renowned artist. Special introductory offer! 30% off regular wholesale pricing – FREE display board – FREE SHIPPING! Sold in displays of 60 with five scents per design: Vanilla, Fresh Linen, Sea Breeze, Citrus & Carbon Ice. Individual refills available. Call for distributor pricing.

Contact 1-888-545-2978 or email [email protected] www.awstintl.com


100% Arabica Ground Roasted Coffee , 50 bags

We have about 100 small bags of coffee left which was used for marketing.

eBay keyword: 100% Arabica Ground Roasted Coffee , 50 bags

Anthony Young
Royal Blends, LLC


Distribute “Revive” Healthy/All Natural Energy Capsules!

What makes us Different? The ingredients! The process! The magins!
Ingredients: 30 fruits, 30 vegetables, 11 nuts/seeds/sprouts/
22 probiotics, 83 emzme/mineral blend and 6 all natural herbs for
healthy/crashfree energy. Process: Patiented insta-fresh process.
Revive is never heated over 100 degrees. This protects the nutritional
integrity of Revive. Margins: You will be pleased and so will your
retailers and their customers!

Sid Kennedy (478 986 7204) email: [email protected]


Distribute Red Monkey…

Red Monkey Incense Mfg. is Guaranteed Best Packaging and Quality or 110% Money Back! Largest incense Advertiser in NACS & Convenience Store News


Retail Packaged 3 gram round cylinders 10k units $3.75; 1k units $4.50; 100 units $4.75; 10 units $6 1 gram round cylinders 10k units $1.75; 1k units $2.25; 100 units $3.00; 10 units $4
Wholesale Kilo $1200, 5 kilos $1125per, 20 kilos $1000 per

[email protected] text/call 727-565-8775


Distribute Baseball Themed: Fielders’s Choice from SeedZ — Guaranteed first order sales!


3 x’s Larger Seeds then David’s–Less then 100 Calories Per Serving– Fresher Longer!!
Small minimum order (9/24 ct cases-includes 2 displays per case) Free Shipping! $250.00
Guaranteed first order– Cannot sell in 3 weeks from order?? Return unsold for full refund!!
Contact us today to take advantage of this easy sell baseball product! Real Impulse buy
[email protected]

732 692 2606 x 205 Sample kit available for immediate delivery.

Distribute Spark 4D Happy Caps….


Do the stresses of your day get you down? It’s time to take yourself to the 4th Dimension
with Spark 4D Happy Caps. Relaxation, Chill, Mojo and Swagger are in the palm of your hand. When you need that something extra to get you through your day, take the “Green” pill and watch your worries float away.

For more information and your special Mr. Checkout pricing call Brian at Red Dawn – (866)639-3865


Tap into the Beer Pong Business!!

Distribute beer pong kits in your area. Pong Star is a leader
in manufacturing a COMPLETE beer pong kit.
This kit includes:
20 playing cups
4 seamless Pong Balls
2 Non-Slip Mats
2 Wash Cups
Pen & Players List
Game Instructions
Packaged in a hard plastic clamshell.
Don’t be fooled by other imitation kits. Pong star is the only true “kit” on the market that includes everything you need for a game of beer pong. Now is your chance to provide convenience stores and other retail outlets a quick and easy way to play this game.
Please call 518-542-1527
[email protected]


Distribute Game FacesA� Temporary Tattoos from Team Dynamics


Game FacesA� – the original team logo temporary tattoos – are the perfect impulse item for sports fans of all ages. Team Dynamics has been family owned and operated for almost thirty years. Made in the U.S.A., Game Faces are safe, easy and profitable with low minimums. Stock items ship within one business day; drop shipping is available. Browse our selection online, then email orders to [email protected] or
call 800-627-4003 M-F 8:00 – 5:00 EST.
Use a major credit card or get Net 30 with approved credit.


Get in the telecom industry!

Find out how you can wholesale cell phone service, home phone service,
and prepaid cell PINS to any retail location! Offer cell phones, home
phones, lifeline phone service. You earn a commission on every transaction.
We offer the best customer service and highest rates in the industry.

Call 1-855-GET-WORX. www.prepaidworx.com.



New direct supplier Bridgford Foods: Single Serve Sleeve .9 oz
Sliced Turkey Pepperoni and .8 oz Beef Jerky Original. Our website is


***Bridgford Foods is a dry sausage and meat snack manufacturer
specializing in Pepperoni, Salami’s, Summer Sausage, Beef Jerky
and assorted Meat Snack specialties. *We provide excellent customer
service, great prices and quick delivery.
Contact Mike Meyers at
1-800-621-4241 or email at [email protected]


Distribute Slowtivate Relaxation Drink…


Revolt Distribution introduces Slowtivate, a new relaxation drink designed to free you from all of the stresses of your day. Simply consume an 8.4 ounce can of Slowtivate and “Cage the Bull!” Slowtivate is calorie and sugar free and contains natural ingredients such as Melatonin, Valerian Root and 5-HTP. Slowtivate is currently available nationwide in many retail outlets
For more information and your special Mr. Checkout pricing call Brian (866) 639-3865


Increase Sales with Fast Selling KotaCorn(TM) Caramel Popcorn Clusters


Unique Product (with honey roasted nuts and actual fruit)

Order on line at www.dvproducts.net using coupon codes mrcheckoutdsd45 or mrcheckoutdsd54

SRP $2.19 to $2.49 (5 oz bag)

Your cost as low as $1.06 delivered for $460 minimum purchase

Contact us for more information or for a free sample

Dakota Valley Products, Inc
Tim Walter
[email protected]
FAX: 605-625-2523


NEXgenSmoke.Com The World’s # 1 Electronic Cigarette!


The highest quality, lowest priced electronic cigarette on the market.

NEXgenSmoke.Com provides a clean and comfortable smoking experience.
It’s advanced technology allows the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere without
the flame, ash, tar, carbon monoxide or second hand smoke found in traditional
tobacco cigarettes. NEXgenSmoke.com is a United States based company.
We are dedicated to supplying those who would like a better lifestyle and a
cleaner alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.



or call 855-NEX-GENS


Distribute “Cool Hip” Sunglasses


Do yourself a favor this spring and summer season. Check out
Cool Hip” sunglasses for styles that sell in Hispanic, Urban,
and even Suburban stores. Prices range from $30-$36 per dozen
freight included. Quick delivery. Credit or Debit cards only.
Don’t settle TARGET your markets…

Call 704-905-7081 or [email protected]


Beer pong kits for C-stores
No minimum order!!!


Pong on the Go is a unique product used in playing Beer Pong or Beirut.
Pong on the Go is a kit which includes 22 cups with fill lines, 3 pong balls,
and instructions on how to play. Retails for $4.99 which means a huge profit
for your stores. Place an order today!!

Email or call us at [email protected] or call 602-317-9224



50 State Legal Herbal Exotic Incense Blends!!
Don’t miss an opportunity to be an exclusive distributor in your territory, and
offer the highest quality herbal exotic incense available to your clients. Distribute Dragon premium spice, 50 State Legal Herbal Exotic Incense Blends!! Dragon premium spice offers the best combination of superior packaging and product in the market. These products comply with all the new regulations and are legal in all 50 states in the union! We have current lad reports on all products verifying compliance. Dragon products sell quickly, we outsell our competition by at least 2 to 1 in the majority of the stores that we are placed in. For pricing, samples, and information about exclusive
distribution opportunities.

Contact Rob at 786-417-6302 or by e mail at [email protected]


C.H.A.M.P.S. Show Stopper…

Distribute Jerome Baker Award Winning New Line of Bottled Water.
This bottle is a unique – one of a kind bottle –
This is the first time a bottle of this quality has ever been manufactured.

Visit: http://www.bingersprings.com Use Code: AS

Call Artie 516-840-1103 or [email protected]

Use Code AS for special Mr. Checkout Distributor Wholesale price


Distribute Homesyle Pies…


Seeking Distributors in Northeast US with 20+ Accts
Tn’T Bakery: Specializing in fresh baked goods:


Great c-store solution for packaged sweets with High Margins.
We offer single serve Pies, Doughnuts, pound cakes, Danishes and more. **protected territories available!! Established Territories available in Wilkes Barre, PA, Scranton, PA and Allentown, PA

Contact us at [email protected] .


Distribute GOLD!!! MAZU GOLD


FASTEST working ingredients in the marketplace.
LOWEST cost per ounce delivered to your door!
FREE SHIPPING in the United States, Australia and Europe
High demand in a $50 billion industry, with quick profits!
Professional Customer Service
Call 619-947-2290 TODAY or
email [email protected]



Single Serve to your customers


The Bigger Better Pickled Sausage just got…well…BETTER!
Not all pickled sausages are the same..and we intend to keep it that way.
We are Introducing a single serve version of our most popolar
BIG JOHN’S PICKLED SAUSAGE. We are preferred by 4 out of 5
snackers over the competition. Packed 6/12 ct display boxdes per case.

Contact Brian @ 954-581-1996 or [email protected]



Uniquely Cool Sensations !!!

Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks- Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks/ UV Coated Packaging Each 1.4oz Box contains the caffeine equivalent of 6 Cups of Coffee/ Energy Drinks Crazy Delicious Energy w/ 60% Cocoa
Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints/ Unique Embossed Rubber Varnished Tin w/Graphic. Each 30g Tin contains the caffeine equivalent of 8 Cups of Coffee/ Energy Drinks Fresh Breath – Fresh Energy !
Ed Hardy Nacho Cheese Frenzy Tortilla Chips/ Crispy Tortilla Chips w/Extreme Nacho Cheese Flavor / Ed Hardy Buffalo Wing Potato Chips/ Super Packed Potato Crunch Hot & Zesty Flavor Better than Gold Standard ! Great Items for Supermarket/Drug/Independents / Value Priced!

Information: (310) 293.7447 Gary Baer

Visit our Biz Link: http://www.edhardysnacks.com/biz_info


Distribute the “NEW Protective Drinkable Cap for bottles


This New product is for Alcoholic bottles and more. It comes in many colors, helps protect your drink from Bugs, Foreign Objects and someone trying to Spike your drink. Comes in 9 display boxes per a Master pack, 40 caps per a display box’s

Contact us at [email protected] or call 519 271 9918


Distribute Recover – Late Night Recovery Supplement


New and Unique Hangover supplement. Recover – the Late Night
Recovery is a unique blend of 24 Natural Ingredients designed to
alleviate the negative effects of alcohol consumption. This product
is very unique and unlike other hangover products on the market.
Excellent counter displays for C-stores w/ excellent profit margins.
Recover is currently being carried by participating Walgreens,
major alcohol distributors and other fine retailers. Merchandising
tools available. Television and radio advertisements available,
ask for details. Individual – 50 packs per box -Master case 12 boxes.
Call Today to get Recover in your area!
Email: [email protected] Call: 636-373-4007
Visit: www.MyRecover.com
Television: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkYl_VEfTz8
Radio: http://soundcloud.com/serious-lee-1/recover-llc-glover-30-2


Distribute the NEW Euphallic from VitaCore Laboratories….



Euphallic for men is the NEW hot item. Why? Because it works!
15 Ct. x 4 pill pack display box – special introductory offer…..
Contact: Alan at 704-905-7081 or Corp. Office: 626-698-0090
Email: [email protected] Website: www.euphallic.com


Distribute X35 Energy with Black Seed

No Taurine – No Headache

Until now all the energy drinks have been much the same, chemically
carbonated full of sugar giving a sharp kick and brings you up fast!
X35 Energy contains the same amount of caffeine but is complimented
by the natural energy provided by a powerful natural power of black seed that lasts.

What is Black Seed? The Black Seed or Nigella Sative is a herb most commonly used in Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries by a very large number of the population fot its health derived benefits. Black seed is known by other names such as Black Cumin, Black Carraway, Black onion seed, Fennel flower, Roman coriander, Kalonnji and many more


Abdul Rasheed
Gold Green Corporation
7447 Harwin Drive, Suite 213
Houston, TX 77036
Cell: 832-877-2676
email: [email protected]


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“Distribute the NEW Disposable Cigarettes”

They come 11 Paks per Display with 2 Charged Filter Tips to each card.

Buy 10 Paks at $6.99 and you get the Eleventh One Free. Retail at $9.99.

Call B & R Enterprises at 1877-856-9700 or 856-9715.

Also ask about our Electronic Cigarette Kits,:

email: [email protected]


Distribute Kabang Energy Candy

Kabang sells like crazy in Walgreens, Rite Aid, C Stores, Gas Stations, and Nutritional Stores Worldwide. Kabang Contains NO CAFFEINE! Kabang contains only 3 grams of sugar, 15 calories and 5 carbs. When you first try Kabang Energy Candy you won’t believe how great it tastes, and as you get closer to the center you will then have a Blast of more flavor and Energy that Explodes in your mouth. Each Display Box contains 50 Assorted Pieces. Minimum Wholesale Order: 10 master cases (240 50ct display boxes). KABANG Energy Candy sells for only .59 cents per piece & 2 for $1.00

Call KABANG Today at 305-665-7958 http://www.kabangenergycandy.com


Distribute Leverage from Wholesaler


Leverage is a premium all natural sexual enhancer with large profit for distributors and retailers!

Leverage package is written in English and in Spanish and works for up to 3 days!

Leverage comes in 60 box cases with 24 pills per box for easy distribution.

Call Ricky at 402-261-2775 or e-mail [email protected]


Introducing Loaded Liquid Vitamin Shotz(TM) – A Revolutionary Way to take your Vitamins.

No more large supplement pills, shock-and-drop rushes, or drinks that don’t deliver. Now, reaching your peak performance is as easy as opening an on-the-go packet and downing your vitamins in a single, power-punching liquid shot.

Each liquid shot pouch of Loaded Liquid Vitamin Shotz(TM) gives you a powerful combination of 16 vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. Stop getting your energy from products loaded with caffeine and sugar. Loaded Liquid Vitamin Shotz(TM) has no sugar, no caffeine and no calories. Loaded Liquid Vitamin Shotz(TM) is 100% natural and is taking over the vitamin market.

For more information visit our website at www.vitaminshotz.com or call 951-710-0716


Increase Your Sales with Bed Bug Killer

Continental Chemical USA is now offering an exciting new product – Avenger Organic Bed Bug
Killer – for one of the fastest growing US markets. Its 3 ounce, TSA-approved travel bottles
have become best sellers around the country as more and more travelers seek natural remedy
to protect themselves as they sleep. Be the first to cash in on the current media frenzy that’s
causing weary travelers to demand a quick and effective solution.

We offer an attractive 9-piece display case and a 2-pack travel combo. Join CVS and Walgreens in the national launch of this essential travel accessory.


or contract Richard Cedrone at 954-494-2460.


Introducing Fix Strips…

We are pleased to announce that Fix Strips of North America is now a
NEW Mr. Checkout Supplier Member. Attached you will find information regarding the Fix Strip products. Our products are hot sellers and in big demand with big profit potential!

Review our information and contact us today regarding the
details of being a new Fix Strips Authorized Distributor.
Don’t miss out on the next big product in your area!

Fix Strips of North America
Fran Boyle
Director of Sales
Fix Strips, LLC
P. 918.317.7013



Introducing Hot Selling Officially Licensed Cell Phone Accessories
That Will Make You Money Like Crazy! Very High Profit Margins
in a highly desired retail market Segment!


We believe this product offers some unique sales opportunity in the
retail outlet vertical based on the following:

* It provides official licensed NFL, MLB, NCAA and NHL, protective cases/pouches for cell phones and other small electronics that are high in demand for many different consumer demographics. Fantastic impulse item that can be sold all year long.
* It comes with eye-catching counter displays that are easy for stores to stock and achieve high margins and sell through
* It also comes on Clip Strips for end of isle display.
Distributor/Wholesale price: $8.00 per pc
SRP: (unmarked) 19.95 per pc
FREE counter stand ($40 value) with purchase of (36pcs) Pre-Selected best selling teams per region
Minimum quantity purchase = 1 dozen comes with Clip strip.
Featured in the Dallas cowboys Stadium and Pro Shops and 100’s of other retail locations
Please visit www.digitalpromotionsusa.com for additional product information and pictures.
We provide excellent customer service and quick delivery.

For more details contact Sean at 972-756-9400 or email

[email protected] or [email protected]


Distribute Jim Dandy Beef Jerky…


Get rescued from flat sales with 30-Count Jerky in three “Real Hickory-Wood Smoked” flavors. 2-ounce and 4-ounce Pouches also available.

Visit us at www.jimdandybeefjerky.com or call 877-475-0003.



40 ct Ball Point Pen with John 3:16 revealed through a window when the plunger is pressed. Simply – yet inspiring! SRP is $0.99 per pen. Your cost is only 25 cents per pen. You can retail for 50 cents and still double your money. Minimum Order $50 at wholesale or 10 displays (at the B1G1 special pricing = 5 paid displays/receive 5 free displays).
Higher discounts available for large bulk purchases.

Contact [email protected] or call 1-800-251-1402 and ask for the Mr. Wholesale Ink Pen Special.

Swanson Christian Products
1200 Park Ave.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129


China Wholesale – Huge Profits!



Chewbies Liquid Taffy – Patent Pending

Liquid Taffy in 3 assorted flavors, Strawberry, Apple, and Orange
Liquid Taffy – 80g (2.82oz) Tube, 18 units Per Display and 4 Displays in a Master.
Visit us at http://www.chewbies.com

This item is in Walgreens in their everyday candy set. It is a great item that offers value to not just the consumer, but you as well!
The Squeeze pop category is showing a year over year growth the past few years and is telling us that this item is one to go after.
We are differentiated, we taste good, and we are loved by kids!
Please contact Michael at: [email protected] for more information, pricing, item info, etc.
Product is available for pickup or delivery in Carson, CA.


The ONLY electronic cigarette geared towards convenience stores –
Retail Price $9.99


HighTechCig is the only cigarette that is designed and priced specifically
towards convenience stores. It is aggressively priced for retail sales at $9.99.
Start distributing this hot new product today.

We offer special discounts for Mr. CheckOut Members

Place your order today and we will supply you with posters, stickers,
and all the necessary marketing material for a successful sale.

Call us at 1-877-690-Ecig (3244) or email us: [email protected]


HandiFox Sales–New Product for Route Sales


Tecom Group has just released a new handheld computer product for your sales teams. HandiFox Sales will allow them to create orders and invoices, check customer balances, accept payments, capture signatures, and print receipts in the field. All data is synchronized with QuickBooks. It uses handheld computers with barcode scanners and communicates with the office over wireless Internet links.

HandiFox Sales also includes our initial product, Handifox Inventory. It will allow your warehouse workers to scan barcodes, receive purchase orders, and perform inventory counts faster, with greater accuracy.
As the business owner, you will be able to see results faster and manage your business more efficiently.

Please visit our website at http://www.handifox.com/. There you will find information about HandiFox Sales and Inventory, a video tour, information, and trial software to download. There is an interactive presentation, at http://www.handifox.com/download/, which is a simulation of the handheld computer and software. You can step through the various functions and see how HandiFox operates.

Please call me at 1-877-9-HANDIFOX or send me your questions at [email protected] .
Bill McCaslin


How does a $50,000 business loan sound?

Business Advance Now offers the best rates, instant approval and guaranteed CASH for qualified business owners.

Call 866-330-4627 or apply online at



Tap into the Beer Pong business!!

Distribute beer pong kits in your area. Pong Star is a leader
in manufacturing a COMPLETE beer pong kit. This kit includes
20 playing cups, 4 seamless ping pong balls, 2 non-slip mats, 2 wash cups,
a pen & players list and game instructions. Packaged in a hard plastic clamshell.

Don’t be fooled by other imitation kits. Pong star is the only true “kit” on the market that includes everything you need for a game of beer pong. Beer pong has exploded and has become widely popular with people of all ages.

Now is your chance to provide convenience stores and other retail outlets a quick and easy way to play this game. Please call 518-542-1527 or
e-mail [email protected] for more information.


Increase your sales with Total Call Mobile


Pre-Paid, pre-activated, ready for use
Like selling candy over the counter
Great profit for distributors and retailers
Great selections of hand sets

For more info contact us.

David Kim
C: 310.579.5372
F: 562.945.9188
Email: [email protected]


ATTN: Health and Beauty Category Buyers

Sell the Lovely Hair Removal, a $10 retail value. Now ONLY $1.25 cost.

Phone: 954-206-6337

Email: [email protected]


Distribute Zanybandz in your retail store!

The Zanybandz craze is just getting started across the U.S.!

With attractive colors, high quality 100% latex-free silicone, glow-in the dark options and a dazzling array of colors and designs, Zanybandz fly off the shelves! Incredible pricing creates high demand and kids love to collect them and trade them. ACCEPT NO CHEAP SUBSTITUTES. Zanybandz are the

ORIGINAL fun shaped rubberband bracelets! Order now and receive a

FREE DISPLAY with an opening order!

Visit us at www.zanybandz.com or call us at (888) 382-2927


Distribute NOVELTY Money! Special deal for Mr. Checkout!


Our C-Store customers have had great success with our novelty money for the past 8 years. We will put together a best seller set for you. 1,000 Novelty Bills for $79.00. Sell them for $0.50 each and make over $400.00!! We have over 300 styles including Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean, Three Stooges, and more.

This is a hot seller with HUGE profit potential!
Call Frank TODAY at 908-647-9100 to order.


Distribute Magic Quik Wipes…


Magic Quik Wipes are VERY NEW to the marketplace and not readily
available throughout the continental US . Its low cost and
attractive packaging makes it a great impulse item at the checkout
stand. The product was introduced into the marketplace in April,
2010 and is now in 80 stores throughout the State of Hawaii .
Be the first in your area to represent this new line!
To request a sample, please call (808) 381-6845 or
email [email protected] and ask for Chad.

The product may also be viewed at www.quikwipes.com


Novelty Bills from NoveltiesWholesale.com

We have been selling novelty Bills like crazy for many years. We have been selling lots of 1000 bills to Ace Hardware stores lately and they love it. They retail them for .99 cents each.


Bills look and feel like real money. Same size and similar color. Mr. Checkout price is only $90.00 FREE SHIPPING.
Your customers can retail them for $0.99 cents each. you can make 100-500% profit on each bill.
We provide excellent customer service,great prices & quick delivery.

1000 Piece minimum order for only $90.00 FREE SHIPPING
Visit us on the web at


or call 1-800-283-3442.


NEW Wacky Ringz from FunTalking.com


Think Silly Bandz were hot? Wait till you sell Wacky Ringz(TM)!
In my 20 years selling fad products I’ve never seen anything
like this. It’s like printing money, seriously!
This is a hot seller with HUGE profit potential!
Don’t miss out!
Call Beth TODAY at 727-210-6142



Patented Pen top Sanitizer bottle
Clip Bottle to purse, backpack, gym bag.
Different bottle than what you see out there now with great marketing behind it
55 pen spray bottles per tub / 70 sprays per bottle
Order as few as 1 tub per order
Contact CLEANZme at 801 633 6033 or [email protected]


FLAVOR SAVOR LLC—The Lid That Does it ALL!!!!!



Russell Reed
1-877047SAVOR Free
1-662-869-1222 Office
1-662-869-2420 Fax



American Health Kennels Inc. offers Bark Barks,
All Natural Treats for Dogs
Increase your profit margins with great impulse buy Items
Innovative eye catching packaging
Popular, Fun, and Profitable treats
On-time Delivery
All Natural Ingredients and made in the USA
Call us today at 954-781-0730 for more information
on impulse buys or email [email protected]



Power Play Energy Gum


Faster, more convenient and less filling then an energy drink.
Faster: Absorbs in 5 minutes
Convenient: 300 mg of caffeine in every pack –
you take as much as you need. Less Filling: It’s gum!
Retail price of $2.95, Wholesale price of $1.35 – 1 carton minimum.
24 packs per display box, 12 boxes per carton, or 288 packs carton.
10+carton orders takes an additional 10% off!
18 Month Shelf life
Free shipping in Continental U.S.A.
e-mail orders to [email protected] or fax to 410-522-5888


Distribute White Horn Energy Shot

Xelent Distributors is offering opportunities for
White Horn Energy Shot distribution. This unique
functional beverage is the only energy shot drink
with the anti-aging ingredient resveratrol.
High margin, multiple display placements and
no refrigeration requirements are just a few of
the reasons you want to distribute White Horn Energy Shots.
Contact Xelent Distributors via email
[email protected]
Every applicant will be contacted directly.


666 ENERGY DRINK “Get Some Evil In Ya!”

666 Energy Drink is a delicious 4 ounce energy shot
produced by 666 Ventures LLC in Reno Nevada.

It comes in 2 delicious flavors, “Virgin Sacrifice Cherry,”
which is sweetened with pure cane sugar, and “Lucifer’s Lemonade,”
which is sugar free and calorie free. Each shot has 200mg of
caffeine, lots of B-vitamins and a great taste that will keep
people coming back for more. Distributor price is $1.00 per shot,
with a suggested retail price of $2.49-$2.99

To place an order or for more information, contact
Jason Mayeroff at 1-866-666-3772 or [email protected]



Crunchy N Yummy(TM) is a healthy natural snack, made from ripe fresh
fruit at the peak of sweet juicy taste!
Our freeze- dried fruits are low in calories, do not contain
any preservatives, salt, sweeteners or gluten, it is just fruit.
Crunchy N Yummy(TM) is very popular with kids, people on the go, campers, hikers and fishermen. It is easy to store, carry, and makes a perfect snack.

http://www.crunchynyummy.com / Distributed by L&M Impex Corp


[email protected] / TEL: 718- 8752380– 800-3319942



FUZION! New from ZP.tech. A revolutionary first to market
Daily Liquid Multivitamin. Fuzion is the Great tasting, Quick Shipping,
High Margin, Fast Sell Through, In Demand 2oz shot. Stimulant free and counter top ready presentation for ages 5 to 95. Super health through high-technology and formulated for anyone looking to be healthy and jump-start the day. Available now worldwide! For a quick order and to get more information go to our Fuzion page


or contact [email protected]


Nationwide Free ATM Machine Program

Jobbers / Distributors: Call for revenue participation options.

Aggressive Revenue Share earning YOU Income from Transaction One
All ATM Placement Programs include Parts & Labor
Turn Key with Bonded, Insured Armored Carriers (for qualified locations) State of the Art ATM Equipment (all types) by the leading ATM Manufacturers Marketing Capabilities for Receipts, Coupons & Screen AdsTired of loading Cash running back & forth from the Bank? $ Disappearing? Is your ATM old & your sick of paying for Maintenance and Service? ATM contract expired or coming up and want to earn more Income? Nationwide Automated Systems, Inc. Leader of Free ATM Placements since 1996 National Vendor for Hilton Corp.

Fast Approval & Info. 1-800.875.7464 – [email protected]



Carry UV3’s line of iZoneSilver sunglasses!

An excellent choice for the C-Store trade.
Unsurpassed, Quality, Value and Selection in top selling Classic,
Fashion and Sport collections. Cost $1.75 ea ($21.00 dozen).
We have put together a program of our top 12 selling
styles from all 3 collections – 1 dz each style in assorted colors
for a total of 144 sunglasses – 36 piece Counter Display available.
Display cost $50.00 offset with 2 dz free sunglasses when you
purchase a counter display with 12 dozen iZone Silver sunglasses.
Total bundle is $302.00

Call Joe at 201-750-5650 x358 or
email for full line catalog [email protected]


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Wildlife Energy Drink


Take a sip on The Wildlife Side!

Over 87,000,000 citizens hunt & fish and are wildlife enthusiast.
Wildlife enthusiast spend $120 BILLION annually
Don’t miss you SHOT at distributing Wildlife Energy products


Visit www.WildLifeEnergy.com

or call 800.311.3853


HandiFox–New Product for Wholesale Distributors


Tecom Group has a new handheld computer system for wholesale distributors. It uses handheld computers with barcode scanners and communicates directly with QuickBooks. It will allow your warehouse workers to scan barcodes, receive purchase orders, and perform inventory counts faster, with greater accuracy. Your sales team, using HandiFox, can create orders and invoices, accept payments, capture signatures, print receipts, and much more. Handheld computers synchronize electronically with QuickBooks over wireless links. As the business owner, you will be able to see results faster and manage your business more efficiently.

Please visit our website at http://www.handifox.com/

There you will find information about HandiFox, a video tour, information and trial software to download. We are looking for a few users who might be interested in evaluating our newest product. At no charge, we will loan you a handheld computer with barcode scanner.

If you are interested, please call me at (321)960-7615 or email at [email protected]


Distribute ‘No Roll’ Grocery Guard

Prevents your groceries from rolling around in the truck,
back of the SUV, or in your truck bed.
Each ‘No Roll’ holds up to 6 bags and collapses flat and out
of the way when not in use. Ready to ship, check out the video.


Wow Products USA (800) 704-0893 or [email protected]


Distribute RECOVER* from Recover Supplements


NEW and UNIQUE!!!! Health oriented hangover supplements –
In high demand Available in Recover*Late Night Recover
Supplement & Recover*Wine Recovery Supplement
24 Natural Antioxidants, Micronutrients and Electrolytes
and more – Very unique -Excellent counter displays for C-stores
w/ excellent profit margins. Merchandising tools available.
Display packs 50 units – Free shipping with master case
(12boxes) Call or email Today!!!

Call 636-373-4007or 808-987-4844

Visit us at http://www.Recoversupplements.com

or email at [email protected]


Brand new item!!!!! Very high profit potential!!!

Distribute Big Bellies authentic barbeque to keep your customers coming back again and again. Hot new item and new to mr checkout. Are your customers tired of hotdogs and taquitos??? Well now you have the best food item to give your customers that will leave them begging for more. Each unit contains 4 fully cooked bbq pork spare ribs vacuum sealed so all your customer does is take the unit out of your freezer and pops the bag in the microwave for 6 minutes and the ribs taste just like they are fresh off of the grill gauranteed!!!!!

Hot new item exellent for c-store gas stations and liquor stores call now for special mr checkout pricing at 402-216-5101 or email at [email protected] and ask for Jim.

You will receive all of the sighnage you want and we also have free delivery even if you’re across the country so call now u or your customers will not be disatisfied!!!



Spike Your Juice is the new powder that turns juice into
a delicious alcohol drink– and can be LEGALLY stocked
in stores prohibited from carrying liquor, beer or wine.
Each box makes 3 GALLONS for your consumer!

See extensive recent press coverage, including
Glamour Magazine, Health, USA Today and CBS radio at


Spike Your Juice is brand new to the retail market due
to high consumer demand, after exploding online sales
across the US during the last four months.
The Summer season is coming soon, and this is
going to be a big seller on the shelves…

Call James Morel at 323-655-1160 or email

[email protected]

for a PDF summary of the product,
retail display unit, and Master Case pricing.
Please let me know if you would like a sample box sent,
and we will ship one right out for your evaluation.

See more at http://www.spikeyourjuice.com


Koma Unwind “Chillaxation DrinkTM” and “Chillaxation ShotTM”


Distribute or Sell The Hottest 12oz Drink and 2oz Shot In The Relaxation Drink Category!

12 oz. “Chillaxation Drink TM”
-Refreshing Multi Berry Taste
-Lightly Carbonated
-Also Available In Sugar Free
-Great Price

2 oz. “Chillaxation Shot TM”
-Refreshing Multi Berry Taste
-5 Hour “Chillaxation Shot TM”?
-Zero Calories
-Great Price

Call 704-660-0226 or Email [email protected]

Warning: Drinking Koma May Cause an Extreme Urge to Chill and Relax



Hot Selling Counter Displays…

2010 Sunglasses: Mens, Womens, and Childrens. Fantastic pricing!

Albert’s Bug Revenge – It’s bug season – don’t miss out!

If it doesn’t sell we don’t carry it.

See pics and pricing at:


We have Glass Nail Files,
Hematite Jewelry, Reading Glasses, BlueStop and so much more!
All available on a simple print and order form!
Contact us at 1-888-676-9650

Email me at: [email protected]


NEW!!!! miniMax Safety Light – “As Seen on TV”

The miniMax is A Personal, Versatile, and Go Anywhere Multi-Function
Miniature Flash light!! It fits on your finger or attach it to any place that needs light. A perfect counter display with a jar of 50 pieces.
It’s great for children safety, on their bike, backpacks, walking etc.,
also as a safety light on a dog’s collar.

Go to http://www.ionlite.com

and click on the miniMax buy now link, also
click on miniMax banner to see the fantastic info commercial.

Distributor price for a Jar of 50 is $40.00 with free shipping!!!

Suggestion price to C-store is $50.00.- .80 cent each. The MSRP is $1.49 per light


Blue Ridge Tea & Herb Co.

Packers and suppliers of freshly blended tea and herbal tea bags.
Try our gourmet Queen’s Estate Reduced Caffeine Tea bags.
With 50% less caffeine and no bitter after taste, it can
make up to 2 cups per tea bag.
Chi for Life Herbal bags – “Chi” (pronounced Chee), meaning an
Eastern Buddhist word for “Life”, reflects our product of fresh
herbal tisanes that will give a new charge to your taste buds
and vigor to your body. Call us with your specific needs.

Email – [email protected] Ph: 718 625-3100 X107


ATTENTION Mr. Checkout Members.

I want you to know that we are currently offering Blowout prices on one of the BEST Selling Tobacco accessories for the C-Store markets.
Just check out the selection of great selling Lighterleash products on our website:


I have a great new program for all of the Mr. Checkout Members to take advantage of ! This is a line of products that are constantly re-ordered, and have a very high margin for profit. Do not delay, call today and get in on the action. After checking out www.lighterleash.com contact me and I will get you on board with one of the fastest selling C-Store products today.

Please Contact,
Mike Hickey
Director of Sales:
Lighterleash.com Inc.
Phone: 727-584-2093 Ext 231
Fax: 727-584-4754
E-mail: [email protected]


Great Profit Margins for Distributor and Retailer

Proven Impulse Merchandise Items Natural Stain Remover
Pen & Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray Looking for distributors
& wholesalers for the Autumn Clean Line
Please contact NutriPro Group for Samples (800) 201-3630 or

[email protected]

Visit us at www.AutumnClean.com


Giant Bargains Unlimited!!

We are a Manufacturers Rep for a leading
“Direct Importer”….for Fortune 500 Companies and major Retailers
and Corporations in the USA! We are also an ‘Authorized Distributor’
for “Buzz Bites” – Energy Chews and “Foosh Energy Mints”! –
Foosh is the ORIGINAL energy mint….Don’t be fooled by imitations!!

Call: 520-204-1928 or Email: [email protected]




UNIQUE FIRST MOVER OPPORTUNITY!!!! Tired of selling boring
energy drinks and shots??? CRUNK!!! Energy Stix are the next
generation of energy and the 1st Energy Powder Shot on the market.
Built on the quality CRUNK!!! ENERGY DRINK formula, CRUNK!!!
Energy Stix deliver quality, long-lasting, energy in a conveniently
portable “Energy Stix” tube that requires NO WATER and NO MIXING.
All consumers have to do is open the top of the stix packet and
pour the orange flavored powder shot directly on to their tongue.
The CRUNK!!! Energy Stix offer exceptional value to the consumer
and come packed with two individual energy stix per blister pack.
A completely new incremental sales opportunity offering great
sales margins to distributors and retailers a like.

Contact us at [email protected] or visit us on the web at






Are your customers tired of seeing the same old stuff on your shelves?
Try something new!
*Biggest Margins in Men’s Sexual EnhancementPills
*All Natural Ingredients
*Great Point of Sale Material
*New customer promotional price
*Free shipping on volume orders
* Unsold Product Returns Accepted!
Please contact us for details, pricing, and to place an order.

Email: [email protected]

Call Rickie at 800.252.1814


You’ve tried the rest now try the best.

Now with a Energy Snuff !


Special Hot Mr.. Checkout Price $1.25 per can,
Box pack is 12’s $15.00 box, Case pack 12’s $180.00 per case
You may mix a case of 12 boxes at the same price.
Include Promo Code 021210 to receive this special limited time offer.

For more information call Joe Marotta 315-468-4356
Order Line 1-800-866-2439
Order Fax 334-875-2221

Looking for a NEW! Distributor for Aqua Straw Natural Spring Water…

New Natural Spring water bottle with the telescoping straw built-
in side the bottle.It is very unique and easy to carry ,perfect
for Gym, Bikers, Beach, Driving, Hospital, Restaurant .or
wherever your adventures take you.

Our water bottle with the straw, sales in the convenience store
around 0.99 to $1.49 ,Our price is really comparable to the
water that already exist in the market.
Any store that sells our product, the product moves very fast,
because our unique display, and the price is right.
No more accidental spillage!
Our product is, already selling for over 300 stores in California.
In Walgreen’s, 7/11, and, ACE stores, we are looking to spread
our product, to rest of the country by 2010.
For more info feel free to contact us, we are looking to support
you all the way so you achieve success with our product.
On the first order there is no minimum quantity, but it has
to be at least one case of 24 bottles of 20 Oz.

Erez Raman

[email protected]

Call 415-244-0557


C-Store Industry Blog Links:




Consignment Sales Tool for QuickBooks by bMobile

* Simplify consignment sales process/Gain control over phone card inventory.
* Track serialized card lots and their values, across multi-salespersons & locations.
* Submit sales and inventory activity directly into QuickBooks from the field.
* Recall Inventory Data and Account Information from the field.
Affordable & Invaluable Mobile Sales System for QuickBooks
*Use with devices from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular
* Process Payments, Capture Signatures, Print Mobile Invoices & Receipts,
* Also works with Sage Software Products, SAP & Others.

1-888-900-5667 / [email protected] / www.bmobileroute.com


Distribute Hot new Impulse DVDs from Catchphrase Entertainment

HOT DVD 1: “Lost – Unraveling the Mystery”, an unauthorized
documentary and interactive DVD game. This new 80 min film
offers a fan-inspired look into the mysteries of the hit ABC show LOST.
Includes an interactive game too! Just released and, with the
final Season 6 of LOST starting on February 2, it will be a great
seller for the passionate LOST fan leading up to and beyond this date.
Check out the DVD artwork, trailer at


HOT DVD 2: ZZYZX, a thriller based on the famous, mysterious
ZZYZX RD off Highway 15, en-route to Vegas. This DVD sold Over
200 units in one store alone, with a strong recognition between
drivers and the ZZYZX sign. This DVD has sold very in West Coast
area retail, because of the close proximity to ZZYZX ROAD.
The DVD has not been released in C-Stores, except one above.
An alternate cover with the title BURNED, with a sexy woman
on front is also available. See more of the DVD at


Both of these DVDs retail from $9.99-$11.99! Attractive last minute,
impulse counter-top. Displays that had up to 6 units per,
are also available, in addition to posters.

Contact Richard at 323-957-3456 or [email protected]

Distribute The Screaming O from Honey’s Place …


Honey’s Place carries many POP displays of the wildly popular
Screaming O line of products. Honey’s Place carries thousands of
products from over 100 novelty, personal health, and specialty companies.
Contact Rob Walker at 800-910-3246 x240 or [email protected]
for a price list and more info.


Distribute Hench Hench…

First time in the market. Become a distributor / supplier fo Hench Hench. It is the finest energy drink in the market. Natural energy drink with Vit C, Thiamine, Nidacin, vit B6, B12 and special herbal blends. It is the ONLY energy drink that will give you the boost and no crash. It aslo curbs appetites. Please contact Edith Jonathan with Le Chique International @ 832-588-6371.
OR [email protected]


Distribute Flirt Energy…

Flirt Energy is the most exciting new product to ever hit the market.
In a sea of similar products, Flirt stands out and gets noticed.
Finally, women have a product targeting them specifically.
Our demographic is health driven 18-50 year old women that need
a boost during the day. Flirt comes in a pink can that will get
noticed on the shelves.
Give us a call and we will get you noticed 704-953-1731.



Distribute Flashdent Disposable Toothbrush…

Amazing One time use disposable toothbrush with paste..
no water needed – perfect carry on item for any situation!
check out the website


our company info is Flashdent US LLC
office 718-204-2960 fax 718 204 7786

[email protected]


Distribute MegaSex Pills….

Huge Profit Potential in a Booming Market.

Visit: www.megasexpills.net

You have received your distributor samples and now it is time
to stock your stores for the holiday season. Call R.J. today
for wholesale discounts on one of the fastest selling sexual
stimulants for your retail stores.
Contact: R.J. Peters
Sales Representative
USales Corp.
786 462 1096 Office
786 218 1650 Cell

[email protected]


Hot Selling Counter Displays…


Your 1 stop shop for a full rack (click on link above to view)
of product that comes with the rack! Great for any store with no
more counter space. The display comes with great variety of products
and can be assembled in a few minutes. The rack is a beautiful
steel rack that is classy enough to be in any Macy’s and will even give some
stores a boost in appearance. See all of our items at:


We specialize in hot selling counter displays. We have Glass Nail Files,
Hematite Jewelry, Reading Glasses, BlueStop, and so much more!
All available on a simple print and order form!
Contact us at 1-888-676-9650

Email me at: [email protected]



HOME OF “MR ENERGY 8 HR SHOT W/ACAI”.. C-Stores report… “Selling Thru 8 Displays Per Month”
of Mr Energy 8 Hr Shot W/ACAI !!!
Customers Nationwide are saying …
“This is the Most Effective Energy Shot on the Market” !!!


Try this BlockBuster BEFORE YOU BUY IT…
Pick up the phone Right NOW & DIAL….
1-888-277-8169… Let’s Talk!!!
Best Regards,


Distribute The Ultimate Sex Shot…

Visit: http://www.theultimatesexshot.com

The Ultimate Sex Shot(TM) is wonderful Chocolate Cherry drink created for your Sexual fun! The Ultimate Sex Shot with the PPS-7 love Formula is the first of its kind and will help you explore your own Sexual Desires. The Ultimate Sex Shot(TM) has a special heating and time based mixing
process for this exotic Herb formula. The Ultimate Sex Shot(TM) uses
it’s proven 100% natural Cocoa formula process, time based mixing and finale Pasteurization to complete this Exotic drink experience.

Contact: Sam Distributors http://www.samdistributors.com


Distribute Hot Selling Tall T’s…

BUY DIRECT FROM Manufacturer of Tall Tees, Tee shirts, Tank Tops,
Boxers, A-Shirts etc. TALL TEES are one of the HOTTEST SELLING item
currently selling in convenience stores. Average store is selling
approximately 40 dozens / month – $1200 average minimum sale
Call Toll Free: 1-877-KAM TEX3 (526-8393)
E-mail: [email protected]





NEW PRODUCT FROM CANADA….. Rice Bites priced right for distributors
looking for a new product. Rice Bites is Baked not Fried, Gluten-Free,
No MSG, No Cholesterol, comes in a 2oz bag, Comes in 4 flavors. As you
can see great packaging, and they taste good too. Shipping is F.O.B
Quebec Canada. pricing is 0.30. Check out my website for other products.



Please contact me at [email protected]
or by phone at 905 730-6730


Introducing Mr Energy 8 Hour Energy W/Acai…


At LAST… A Full 8 Hour Energy Shot!!!
Get YOUR FULL 12ct Display Absolutely FREE…


Rushed Right To Your Door Step… So you can Start Testing This
Amazing Product In One Of Your BEST Stores! “Why If Your Not Carrying
Mr Energy 8 Hour Energy You Are NOT… Maximizing Your Profits…

Distribute Gorilla Gum from Mastix Medica…


instantly to reach peak performance faster than coffee or energy drinks –
without the side effects.

Used by Army Special Forces, Navy Seals and
Military Special Ops personnel to enhance performance.
Spearmint pk with 5 gum pieces in a display box of 24 pks or
gravity display of 12 pks.
Contact us at 1-410-316-1080 (x100 or x104) or [email protected]


Distribute Prestige Imports Spirits…


Prestige Imports has the fastestgrowing liquor distribution network
in the United States. We are seeking additional distributors to market
the follwoing Great Sprits: Jaguar Vodka, Splash Drinks, Rod & Rifle
Bourbon and The Rainforest Collection of Well / Rail Spirits.
Please visit our website or
contact Tom Cleaver at (586) 778-2143


Distribute Perfect Stix…

Perfect Stix is a leading supplier of wooden products in the
ice cream, amusement and concession industry.
Perfect Stix also carries a full line of wooden products
in the stirrers, skewers, taster spoons, ice cream
sticks, paint paddles, fan handles and a new line of
wood cutlery that has replaced the plastic line. At
Perfect Stix, they carry a full line of non-compostable straws.


For more information on pricing and quanitity, you may contact
Perfect Stix at 1-800-341-0079 or there
website www.Perfectstix.com

[email protected]


Distribute “Phat Lip” Lip Plumper by Club13 Herbals…

Hemp Based – All Natural Lip Enhancer Gloss

– Never has a Natural Lip Plumper been available at such an affordable price!
– Lip Plumpers are the hottest cosmetic product sold today!
– Tap into new customers of the multibillion Lip Plumping market.
– Huge margins – Great repeat business.
– Attractive point of sale displays, posters, Info. cards available.
Call toll free1-877-922-5783 or Email: [email protected] for more information… TODAY!
Click Link View Product:



Distribute Keepsake Boxes in C-Stores…

DockStock.com’s Keepsake Boxes are high volume movers!
Attractive, quality crafted and made in the USA!
View image: http://www.dockstock.com
– Free Shipping
– Free Floor Display
– High-volume mover
– High Profits!! $120 per display!
– 9″ x 3.5″ x 5″
– 24 boxes per display
DockStock.com is a national volume distributor specializing
in convenient store products.
Visit us on the web at www.dockstock.com or call Kenn at 812-447-0002


Distribute PolarEx(TM) Fleece Hoods from Hot Headz of America…


**NEW MR. CHECKOUT VENDOR** – Hot Headz brings its unique and
profitable seasonal products to Mr. Checkout.
PolarEx 6-in-1 Fleece Hoods are a great impulse item for the colder months.
MSRP: $9.99. Wholesale $6.00.
Distributor Special Price: $4.50 ($36 profit per display)
They are featured in 7-11, Kum N’ Go, Nice N’ Easy,
Hy-Vee Gas, and 1000’s of other retail locations.
Please visit www.hotheadzproducts.com for additional
product information and video demonstrations.
If you have any questions please contact us at 866-437-2725 x14
or email [email protected]


DISTRIBUTE the HOTTEST NEW Product and Generate Residual Incomes with REPEAT BUSINESS!

NJOY Electronic Cigarettes; The #1 Brand in the U.S.
Be the first in your area establish your Business as the ECIGARETTE Supplier Areas are going fast!!!!
See what Congressman Matt Salmon has to say about ECIGS;

To Become a Distributor Contact Larry Brumfield by emailing

[email protected]

Or Call Larry 830-613-8665


Distribute Sweepstakes Phone Cards…

Increase your inside sales!


Make 200 to 300 % Return on Investment.
Bring customers back over and over for increased incremental sales.
Everyone likes to WIN! Create a winning frenzy in your store.
Spanish versions available. Call today…
Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc. (877) 576-3020
Retailers & Distributors Welcome


Distribute The Shotgun Champ…


THE SHOTGUN CHAMP drinking device!

Introducing the hottest new novelty product for 2009 The Shotgun Champ.
The Shotgun Champ is a drinking device that will allow you to drink your
beverage in under 2 sec. Being sold in over 100 stores including Walgreen’s.
Selling out weekly at locations around colleges.
Over 10,000 sold in first 2 months.
Get on board and be confident in selling The Shotgun Champ.
For more information email us at [email protected]
or call (877)232-4267. Check out the product at


Thanks for your time,

ShotgunChamp sales team


NEW… Visit our Platinum What’s Hot Members Here


What’s Hot! in C-Stores…

Have a hot product for C-Stores? Our Blitz In-Store Marketing program will have you on 100 to 25,000 checkout counters where 1,000’s of c-store customers will have the chance to buy your merchandise. Call Bob 561-367-0076 for a quote and “get on the checkout counter!”.

The Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. weekly eZine reaches over 3,000 Convenience Store Wholesalers, Distributors, Jobbers and Retailers.

Visit our NEW updated Website: http://www.mrcheckout.net

New, Top 10 Position includes bold headline and red border. Call for price.
Visit: http://www.mrcheckout.net


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