About Vit2go

Vit2go nutritional supplements promise a simple and smart solution to combat the three most common complaints of everyday life: ENERGY works against fatigue, IMMUNITY prevents cold, and DRINK RECOVERY supports regeneration after alcohol consumption.

Our products and their use have been studied and scientifically proven. All product ingredients are carefully selected, of the highest quality, and tested according to all relevant criteria. Vit2go products have been specially designed for people with demanding and busy lifestyles, who want to make the most of their day-to-day lives. Each Vit2go product is available for purchase as a single sachet, 10-pack, 30-pack and Doybag (25 portions).

Our promise at a glance:

  • One product sold = One tree planted
  • Formula based on scientific studies
  • Secure and controlled production in Germany
  • Sustainable, FSC-certified packaging
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • Highest quality standards (IFS- & GMPP-certified)

ENERGY: Powerful, refreshing and full of healthy ingredients

  • Innovative formula consisting of vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids
  • Natural guarana and taurine for long-lasting energy
  • Extremely effective: a total of 124 mg caffeine per sachet
  • B vitamins for better concentration
  • Natural ginger and lime extract

IMMUNITY: Your natural immune system booster

  • Strengthens and supports the body’s own immune system
  • Builds-up defenses naturally to prevent and combat colds, viruses and flu infections
  • With 300mg of vitamin C from acerola, zinc, minerals and ginger extract

DRINK RECOVERY: Everything you need for the day after

  • Supports liver function
  • Reduces toxins
  • Prevents dehydration and loss of nutrients through alcohol consumption
  • Supplies electrolytes and vitamins promoting overnight revitalization
  • Innovative formula with choline, kudzu flower, prickly pear, milk thistle, ginseng, L-cysteine, vitamins, minerals and trace elements

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