Villiger Export Natural, Villiger Export Maduro, Villiger Export Brasil

Cigar Smokers Demand Perfection…Give them What they Want:

Villiger Cigars began its love affair with tobacco in 1888 and since then, the Villiger Export has become one of the world’s best-selling machine made products. This unique box pressed cigar is produced in Switzerland and since it first came to market in 1937, has experienced sales of more than 11M cigars world-wide annually. Tradition, Heritage and Quality can be found in each of these one-of-a-kind treasures and it truly delivers the same quality smoking experience one would expect from a handmade product. Available in three blends – this cigar is sure to please even the most discerning cigar smoker.

The Export Natural is mild, smooth and satisfying with its Natural Nicaraguan wrapper and a filler of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Dominican, Indonesian and Italian tobaccos.

The Export Maduro boasts of a Mexican Maduro wrapper and the same quality filler tobaccos as the Export Natural. The Maduro provides for a rich, slightly sweet and very smooth smoking experience.

For those who like things a little less traditional, the Export Brazil is just for you. This Brazilian puro entices the senses with smooth and flavorful perfection – a pure smoking delight.

All blends are available in 5 packs and 50 count Boxes; The Export Natural is also available in 25 count boxes.

When you have high expectations but are short on time – reach for an Export!

Villiger Premium No. 7

It’s Not Just a Cigar – It’s a Passion

What do you get when you combine nearly 130 years of experience with the highest expectation and demand for quality? None other than Villiger Cigars. We’ve been making quality machine made cigars since 1888 and from our factory in Switzerland comes the Premium No. 7. From the moment you open the pack to reveal the individually foil wrapped cigar, the precise V cut on the tip, and the beautiful natural Sumatra wrapper – you know you are in for a real quality treat. South American and Orient tobaccos intertwine to create this zesty cigar that boasts of toasted nuttiness. One try and you’ll know why this cigar is an everyday favorite.

Available in 5 count packs and 20 count acrylic boxes.

Villiger – definitely not the typical machine made cigar!

Villiger Color Line Mini’s

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – But NEVER Skimp on quality

We live in a time where variety and choice is very important – we want what we want. Well step up to the world of Villiger Color Line Mini’s – where you have your choice of flavored or natural, filtered or non-filtered. Each mini cigarillo is made with quality, care and crafty precision to deliver a smoking experience you won’t soon forget.

Produced in Villiger’s factory in Germany, with Ecuadorian Wrappers and Havana-seed fillers, you have your choice of the smooth and pleasant Black Sumatra (filtered or non-filtered) , Red Vanilla (filtered or non-filtered) boasting of mild and pleasant vanilla flavors, or the Gold Limited Edition (filtered only) with its natural and smooth flavor profile. Mix it up a little and try the Green Caipirinha (filtered only), which has a Sumatra Wrapper and Brazilian Filler for a sweet and flavorful experience.

All blends are available in 20 count tins.

Try one or try them all – Explore the World of Villiger Color Line Mini’s!

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