Product Name  – Vapormones

Company Name  – Scientific Scents LLC

Description – VapormonesTM to refers to true behavior changing trigger scents. To understand this better we invite you to look at a new website     that offers 14 individual trigger scents to the vaping world. The fastest and most direct method of specific brain area stimulation is actually accomplished through “trigger scents”; specifically, a broad range of highly specific scent molecules that are capable of creating behavioral or biochemical changes in specific aspects of one’s physiology and/or behavior. This is more popularly known as aromatherapy, and now it is available in vaping formulas that include: Relaxation, Appetite suppression, Sexual pleasure enhancement (his and hers), Mental focus, Blood pressure control, Smoking cessation, Increasing energy, Increase calorie burning and appetite enhancement for body building, Immune system boost, Increase happiness, pain relief, and last but not least stay awake. This is only the beginning, we have more formulas and more delivery methods on the way, including candles, diffusers and more.

Contact Information

Contact Name  –  Sadiesha Stebbins

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Contact Phone Number  – (877) 208-1083

Contact Email  –  [email protected]