Vape Shop Distribution

Mr. Checkout Distributors is a network of independent distributors who service convenience stores, tobacco shops, vape shops and independent grocers. Vaping has become a major trend that is here to stay. Beyond a fad, vape shops can be seen in every city around the world. If you have a vape oil, vaporizer or other vaping product compete the product submit form to setup an appointment with us today.

How to Get Vape Shop Distribution for Your Products

Vape Distribution

Although gas stations and convenience stores sell disposable, low quality e-cigarettes and vaping accessories, the majority of experienced consumers tend to frequent vape shops, which specialize in high quality products. It’s estimated that about 10% of American adults use these products, a percentage that has quadrupled in size since 2013. As an entrepreneur, you’re probably wondering how you can tap into this lucrative market and gain vape shop distribution for your e-liquids, accessories, and juices.

One way is to offer potential retailers a variety of products from which to choose. E-smokers have a wide variety of taste, and e-liquids can come in a multitude of flavors and nicotine strength, so be ready to have options for retailers to pick and choose from based on what their customer base prefers.

Put in the work before branching out and gaining vape shop distribution by creating a name for your brand. Sell your products online so you can strengthen your retail pitch with impressive sales numbers. Numbers don’t lie, so showing a retailer that your product is sellable will be an effective way to get their attention. If a retailer has heard of your brand, they may be more willing to buy the product, so build brand awareness prior to gaining vape shop distribution using social media, vape blogs, and other means of consumer outreach.

Always start local when it comes to gaining vape shop distribution on your own. Research local vape shops near you, and stop by to talk to the owner of the store. It may even be a good idea to stop by a few times before you introduce yourself to the owner so you can examine what’s already carried in the store and identify opportunities for your brand. Get to know their business, their customer base, and what products they may be interested in purchasing from you in the future. If your business is new and not established in the field, be sure to leave samples that the owner or employees can try out before they make a decision on whether or not to buy from you. Know what sets you apart before you walk in the door, so you can make a clear and convincing pitch to the decision makers.

The best way to get vape shop distribution for your products? Ask the experts for a little help. Contact experienced distributors at Mr. Checkout Distributors to gain access to a network of over 1,000 distribution professionals who service over 35,000 stores nationwide.

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