Unified Brand Experience

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Unified Brand Experience Definition

In retail, this concept is all about establishing a consistent brand or identity throughout multiple channels or platforms, including brick-and-mortar, ecommerce, or mobile. So whether you’re marketing and selling to customers face-to-face, on your mobile app, or doing it online, you’ll be able to deliver the same messages and give them the same great experience. Successfully implementing this involves properly training your staff, investing in the right tools, and more importantly, having one clear strategy and message.

Now more than ever, it is easy to notice brand inconsistencies. The ubiquity of smart mobile devices and fast, affordable internet has made it easy for business brands to have both online and offline platforms. Nowadays, you will find retail businesses with brick-and-mortar stores as well as online and mobile stores. The need to follow the ongoing trend has led some retailers to make rash decisions when it comes to setting their businesses up on the different available platforms. This is why you sometimes notice a level of inconsistencies in some brands. 

Customers expect their brands to be consistent in their policies, as this gives them an air of stability. No one wants to deal with a business that looks unstable. Unified brand experience is all about establishing a consistent identity or brand throughout multiple channels or platforms. Therefore, whether you are selling to customers on your mobile app or face-to-face, you will be delivering the same message as well as giving them the same experience. Perhaps you think that since you make most of your sales online, you should focus more on your online store. This will eventually lead to inconsistencies in your brand, thereby painting the wrong picture to your customers.

Having a unified brand experience requires quite a bit of dedication from you. Firstly, you need to have a well-defined process. Your brand needs to have its unique personality, to make differentiating it from other brands easy. The brand personality contains your brand goals and objectives as well as your unique business strategy. After you find your brand voice, detail all the ways you can get the elements of your brand across to your customers, so they will understand what your brand stands for. 

Additionally, you should ensure that every member of your team and your staffs understand what your brand stands for. It is going to be difficult for an employee to convince a customer of the ideals of a business if the employee does not understand the ideals. If you want employees that will represent your brand more faithfully, you need to educate them thoroughly. You should also try to reduce the number of people communicating to the public. The more people you allow to handle public communication, the higher the chances of miscommunication and confusion. Ensure that you leave public communication to the hands of experts.

A company that has its values and ideals engraved in the minds of its customers is guaranteed a long-term relationship with these customers. Take a company like Apple, for example; its values are on display for its customers, which generates loyalty and then turns customers into advocates. No wonder Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world today. You have a lot to gain with unified branding, as it helps deepen the connection you have with your customers. Having a unified brand also portrays your business as a stable one, thereby attracting investors and customers alike.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!