Introducing Type 0
The first functional beverage for diabetics

The current beverage market is flooded with sports drinks, energy drinks and functional beverages, most of which are loaded with caffeine and sugar. But with diseases like diabetes increasing year after year it was time for a new drink to emerge. Rejuvenating Beverage Corporation did just that, and in the process developed a drink that’s great tasting and beneficial for everyone.

What is Type 0?

Type 0’s is a 0 calorie, sugar-free, caffeine free healthy beverage alternative for everyone, especially diabetics. Type 0’s formula is Kosher Certified, 100% water soluble (meaning there is no limit on how much you can enjoy), packed with beneficial vitamins, and is a great way for ditabetics, pre-diabetics and non-diabetics of all ages to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep control of their blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels.

Every bottle comes packed with unique and essential ingredients, including Antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E, B-Vitamins, Nopal, Ginger, L-Carnitine, Ginseng & Chromium which help to regulate and lower your blood glucose and cholesterol levels, boost your immune system, aid in metabolism, boost stamina and help you stay focused and energized.

• How does Type 0 deliver energy?

Type 0 does not depend on caffeine for energy. Instead, Type 0 contains over 100% of B Vitamins (B3, B5, B6 & B12) per serving, which convert food into energy (also contains B7 & B9). Type 0 has L-Carnitine, which disposes of glucose to create energy. Type 0 blends these ingredients together so the body is able to break down food faster, increasing metabolism thus delivering a revitalizing energy boost.

• What is Nopal? Why is it in Type 0?

Nopal, also known as prickly pear cactus, native to Mexico and Central America, for some has become a complete replacement for prescription blood sugar drugs. Type 0 takes advantage of it’s benefits as It helps to regulate blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, over all cholesterol and triglycerides levels with no negative side effects or liver damage.

• Where does Type 0 get its delicious sweet flavor?

Type 0 is naturally flavored and sweetened using a common sugar substitute called sucralose.

• 20 fl. oz. (591 ml) PET bottle
• 2.5 servings per bottle
• 12 bottles per case
• Premium Full Shrink label
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Contact: Nader Nassif
Rejuvenating Beverage Corporation
[email protected]

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