In short, biltong is the result of the South African method of curing meat products. We start with an aromatic marinade, with the main preservatives being vinegar and salt. The meat is then hung to air dry in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. This ensures that the meat is tender, and the flavor of both the meat as well as the spices are preserved. Traditionally, biltong is flavored with salt, pepper and coriander seed. And always, no cooking and no smoking.

Made from USDA certified, USA raised beef or venison with no fillers, added water or injected marinades. We use a short list of natural ingredients, and our product is sugar and gluten free, high in protein and friendly to insulin resistant and low carb diets with keto diet friendly fat content.

32 grams of protein per 2oz serving of our biltong means 130 of the 180 calories per serving comes from protein (72%). Compared to a whole egg (±50%), leading ‘protein bars’ (±40-44%) and beef jerky (±35-50%). Note:1g of protein = 4 calories.

We offer 3 flavors – traditional, cracked black pepper and smoked chili pepper – of 2oz sliced biltong, and 2 flavors – traditional venison and black pepper beef – of 2.5oz biltong sticks (in South Africa called “droëwors”). Our sliced biltong is made from whole slabs of beef, thinly sliced right before packaging, and our sticks are made from minimally processed ground beef or venison, then cased in a natural collagen casing.

All products are ready to eat with a 12 month shelf life.

Branded packaging carry a USDA inspected mark, GTIN barcode, lot number, best before date and FDA nutrition panel.

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