Tranquil Farms CBD and Delta 8 Cannabinoid Products

Tranquil Farms Cannabinoid Products 1

    About Tranquil Farms
    Tranquil Farms grows food alliance organic certified hemp fields, processes, and manufactures into final retail products. We are offering some of our best selling unique cannabinoid products on the market!  These include CBD and Delta 8 cannabinoid products. We offer Delta 8 gummy’s (assorted flavor), vape cartridges(5 flavors), vape disposables(5 flavors), and water soluble D8 beverage syrup(3 flavors).  On the CBD side, we offer a CBD/CBG aftersun skin relief, CBD Roll-on(Menthol/Natural), CBD water soluble beverage syrup(3 flavors), Nano CBD AM shot w/caffeine(3 flavors), Nano CBD PM shot w/melatonin(3 flavors), and 1,000mg CBD tinctures (5 flavors).

    For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

    Matthew Rizzio
    725 Blount Ave,  Guntersville, AL