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Gag Gifts

th_picOur Vision is to make people laugh for laughter is music to the soul. In these tough times a little laugh is good for us and we have priced our product so everyone can afford a little laughter. So Pull a Prank on your Friend today so the both of you can have a little laugh.

TPH Enterprise, founded in 1990, has realized that life is much too short to live without laughter.  TPH Enterprise sells outrageous automotive gag gifts.  They say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ so check out our new product line and get a laugh today.

TPH Enterprise products include Flasher Fluid which keeps your turn signals blinking, Halogen Refill which brightens your headlights and Brake Light Fluid which keeps your brake lights working.  We are currently doing R&D for our next products-muffler bearings, summer air and winter air for your tires.

TPH Enterprise is working with Aspire, a nonprofit organization that provides employment and life skills to adults with developmental disabilities.  We are pleased to use them to assemble and package our gag gift products.

Buy our product today and get a laugh!


Tim Hughes, TPH Enterprise
Call: 815-970-3385
Email: thughes@atcyber.net
Visit: http://www.tphenterprise.com


Price Sheet

(Master Wholesaler, Distributor or Top 25 Stores)

Stores — 45% Margin                                                        Cost                            Retail

Counter Display (12 bottles)                                              $32.88                        $59.88

Pallet Box (18 Counter Displays)                                      $591.18                      $1,077.84

End Cap (96 Bottles)                                                           $263.04                      $479.04

Individual Bottles                                                                 $2.74                          $4.99


Master Wholesaler, Distributors & Top 25 – 25% Margin     Commission      Cost

Counter Display                                                                   25%    $8.04              $24.84

Pallet Box (18 Counter Displays)                                    25%    $144.72          $447.12

End Cap (96 Bottles)                                                           25%    $64.32            $198.72

Individual Bottles                                                                 25%    $0.67              $2.07

Suggested Retail price is $4.99 per bottle.

Free Shipping for Pallets or first time order.

All other Shipping is FOB Shipping.

Display boxes are at no costs to Stores or Representatives.

Marketing Material is available upon request.

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