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Top Ways To Market Your New Product Line

Top Ways To Market Your New Product Line

Top Ways To Market Your New Product Line

By Chris A. Harmen

Consistently winning market share in any industry means constantly staying ahead of the competition with both product and service offerings. Today’s industry giants can quickly become yesterday’s news if they fail to stay cutting-edge and relevant with their targeted audience. Product and service complacency can prove a quick route to becoming out of touch and obsolete.

Creating New Offerings Is Only Part Of The Equation For Success

Of course, updating your business’ service capabilities and product lines is only part of the overall equation for success; in order to truly best leverage a new offering, business owners in every industry must also successfully unveil and market their wares as well. Sound easy enough? Yes and no; oftentimes, the promotional strategies surrounding new items prove more challenging then actually developing new offerings. Many business owners focus on only one promotional resource to broadcast their capabilities to the consuming masses and miss out on extensive components of their targeted audience. The best way to execute a full and all-encompassing promotional campaign is by tapping into a diverse range of marketing resources available.

Trade Show Displays And Other Useful Marketing Resources

If you’re looking to create a cohesive marketing plan for your business’ new line of products or additional service capabilities, read on. Understanding some of the most potent promotional resources available can help ensure that you strategize an effective approach that helps your business successfully reach a targeted demographic. When creating your campaign, consider implementing:

Trade Show Displays: Trade show displays offer an ideal opportunity for business owners to have live, face-to-face encounters with a large venue of participants, making them a perfect resource for organizations looking to unveil their latest and greatest offerings. Before an event, be sure to work with a professional design partner to update your trade show displays with recent merchandise graphics, images and slogans to grab the attention of the attending crowd. Additionally, always bring free samples and conduct live demonstrations within your trade show displays to give passersby an up-close and personal look at what your latest innovation has to offer.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing has proven itself an invaluable resource for businesses in every vertical and with good reason; connecting with consumers through their personal network pages helps prospective clients feel a deeper connection with organizations, making them more likely to purchase from companies they perceive as “friends.” Using this powerful promotional resource is a great way to announce new services and products. Not only should your business use its social media pages once your offerings are available, but you should also strategize “sneak peek” announcements well before the merchandise is available to help create buzz and interest well in advance.

Online Marketing Campaigns: Social media pages aren’t the only online marketing resources to consider. Many savvy organizations create entire SEO campaigns based solely around a new product line or service. Blogging, creating optimized press releases and even updating information on your website are just some of the ways your organization can tap into the many marketing results of online promotion and ensure that your targeted audience is clamoring to see your latest innovations.

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