Do You Have A Retail Ready Product?

Since 1989, we have been placing both innovative and everyday products on the shelves of both independent and big box retailers nationwide. In that time we have had the privilege of working with many major channel retail partners.

Mr. Checkout is a national group of independent distributors, retailers and wholesalers. We handle product management for approximately 150,000 independent retailers around the United States. If you have a retail ready product, we want to hear from you!


Social media: arguably, Facebook alone has over a billion users. Imagine being able to pitch a product to the billion users of Facebook – that’s the power of social media. In the 21st century, it is prerequisite that every product is promoted on the internet else it would not last long.

Internet and mobile ads: billions of people visit the internet daily to get information. Coincidentally, the information they might seek may be the one with the product. The internet ad works with internet enabled devices like the mobile phones and it can get to billions every day.

Mobile apps: going via a mobile app to buy a product from an online store is easy. One can make purchases, view other products, and do several things via the app. The app is like the store with everyone with it. Spotify is an online music store that sells and distribute music- it works with an app.

Advertising: this is the most used method of brand promotion. Advertising has the power of getting the information across to millions. When a new product is announced, it is exposed to the world via the advertisement via radio or television or the internet. 

Trade shows: if there is anywhere people would gather more to discuss, make connections and exhibit new products, it is the trade show. A producer can get more popularity by constantly exhibiting new products to the retailers and distributors. This way the product keeps resonating within the market for it. 

Celebrities and social influencers: when a new American pop video comes out, it can get about a million views in hours if the pop singer is very famous. This pop singer can help sell the product identity to millions by identifying with it. Social influencers also can help advertise in this line. 

Identifying the product with popular events: events like sports, holidays and fashion shows have helped several products. For instance, Coca Cola is known to identify with the World Cup; they are also known with Christmas. 

Brand distributors: a brand distributor is more like the face of the brand to retailers. He goes to several retail outlets with the goods. She has the duty to convince the retailer into stocking the goods. He has to be able to pitch the benefits to the retailer.

Rack jobbers: a rack jobber is basically that brand representative with a space at a store who sells, exclusively, the product of the brand he is representing. A rack jobber has to be able to convince retailers on making his products their choice as he has the advantage of personal contact.

Signage and markings: when people enter a retail store, they see some signage telling them about one product or the other. Last minute decisions can be made with these influencing objects. It is vital that a producer creates the posters and signs that would stay in the market.

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