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Top 10 Most Sold Items in Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are lifesavers for those who need to buy something for emergencies without having to rush to the grocery store or supermarket and wait in line just to pay for one or two items. Nowadays, most convenience stores are open 24 hours a day. These small establishments are often found in strategic areas in an urban area, transport hub, busy road, or part of a gasoline stations. Some campuses also have convenience stores ready to cater to the immediate needs of those residing within the campus. Convenience stores should not be mistaken for general stores or community shops. They are, on the other hand, supplements or extensions of larger stores.

These stores sell a wide array of everyday items like groceries, ready-to-eat food products, toiletries, tobacco products, alcoholic and soft drinks, newspapers, magazines, school supplies, OTC medicines, and even lottery tickets. Other services like money order or wire transfer, and dining are being provided by some stores. To its truest definition or description, convenience stores generally offer great convenience for buyers thus, the items in stock are sold at higher prices compared to other stores. These stores accept cash payments and most also accept credit card payments.

The U.S. is not the only country that has these stores. Many countries also have convenience stores and it is considered a booming business.

While convenience stores are for buying emergency items, going to a supermarket is practical no contest on that when buying a long list of items needed for stocking up the home.

No doubt this kind of store does stock quite a lot different items on its shelves. It can be somewhat intriguing to think which of these items are the top selling ones. Here are the top 10 most sold items in convenience stores.

10. OTC Drugs

In the tenth spot is over-the-counter drugs or medicines. Some drug stores are not open 24/7, and when there is a need to buy OTC medicines for headaches, body pains, cold, coughs, etc., people usually go to the convenience stores to buy them. It is especially convenient to those travelers who suffer from motion sickness.

9. Fast Food Items

Hitting the number nine spot are fast food items. Travelers who wait for their ride to leave can go to convenience stores to buy something to eat in a jiffy , like a hot pocket, burrito or sandwich for instance, which only need a few moments of heating, before their train or bus starts to go. Sometimes, even hungry passersby go in to have a bite of these foods.

8. Ice Cream

The highly known comfort food, ice cream, gets the eighth spot. Those who are feeling blue can head off to a convenience store to have a dose of ice cream to wash away that melancholic feeling. Ice creams are easily bought in these stores without the customer having to worry about the long cashier line just for a bar of ice cream.

7. Nuts and Chips

Number seven for this list are nuts and chips. People love to nibble, especially those who are about to embark on a long journey. A bag of chips or nuts are popular among children and adults alike, whether it is for an all-nighter review for the exams or for having something to eat while on the road.

6. Milk

Number six is milk. Yes, milk is a staple item which is always sold frequently. Most of the time, it is used for immediate drinking or as an item that is lacking for some sort of recipe. After all, a bowl of cereal may seem bland without milk in it.

5. Toiletries and Other Personal Essentials

Fifth place goes to toiletries. Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, deodorant, diapers, baby wipes, sanitary pads, Tampons, etc. These are especially for those who forgot to pack their own items or those who have suddenly ran out of stock. Did your baby poop suddenly? Moms can quickly buy diapers in these stores. Those who decided to sleep overnight somewhere else tend to buy these things in the store.

4. Soda, water, and brewed coffee

Earning the fourth spot is soda, water, and brewed coffee. People who feel parched usually grab a can of soda or bottle of water to quench their thirst. Whatever brand or flavor it is, be it Coca-cola, Pepsi, spring water or filtered, sodas and water are one of the top selling items in convenience stores. Not to mention that brewed coffee is among the top selling items as well. People usually stop by these stores for a cup of coffee instead of going to a cafe or coffee shops where the line can be long in different hours of the day.

3. Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets get the third spot on this list. Most people dare to try their luck by buying lottery tickets, which are easily bought in convenience stores. Although these tickets are now sold online, whenever a customer would go into a convenience store for a different item, there is a big chance that he will also buy one.

2. Beer

Landing the second spot is beer. Beers are often one of the top sellers in convenience stores. According to statistics, Americans consume 15.7 gallons of beer on a daily basis. While this number may not be that high when computed according to the population, still, it only shows that beers are popular drinks that are sold in stores. A cold can or bottle of beer whichever brand or variant it is, is always in stock in the coolers of convenience stores.

1. Tobacco products

In the top spot are tobacco products like cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and pipes. This may not be surprising even if there is a government warning about different health risks tobacco products can have. When a person runs out of a pack, he can easily get one from a convenience store. Smokers get their fix by just popping into a convenience store while on the go for a drive. Tobacco products, both the smoke and smokeless variants, can be very addictive, and they are the most popular items sold in these stores.