The Future of Retail
The Future of Retail Personalization 1

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Since 1989, we have been placing both innovative and everyday products on the shelves of both independent and big box retailers nationwide. In that time we have had the privilege of working with many major channel retail partners.

Mr. Checkout is a national group of independent distributors, retailers and wholesalers. We handle product management for approximately 150,000 independent retailers around the United States. If you have a retail ready product, we want to hear from you!

The Future of Retail Personalization

The Future of Retail Personalization 2

Customers now have more ways than ever to make their shopping experience, as well as the customisation of their items, their own.

1. Burberry instore personalization
Customers can buy their bags or coats completely made to order. Bags can have personalized nameplates attached. After their item is delivered, the customer can see a video about how their item was crafted, showing the design sketches and how the patterns were cut.

2. Anya Hindmarch
One of London’s most popular bag designers, Anya Hindmarch allows customers to customize every feature of their handbags.

3. Shoes of Prey
Based in Sydney, Australia, this shoe retailer lets customers create their own shoes using 3D designer technology. The customer gets to choose the shoe’s colour, height, and shape.

4. Carbon 3D Printing
Using clip technology, this commercial clip can print quickly, which is great for production.

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