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The Future of Retail In-Store Enhancement for Retailers 1

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The Future of Retail In-Store Enhancement for Retailers

The Future of Retail In-Store Enhancement for Retailers 2

With online sales increasing exponentially and shoppers drastically reducing visits to stores, many retailers are trying to get even by employing cutting-edge technologies to their stores with an eye to attracting more customers.

1. Viewsy
Viewsy uses sensors to track shopper behavior in the store. It will trend based on how long the customers had to wait in line, or how long do they tend to wait before returning to the store.

2. RetailNext
Like Viewsy, RetailNext also features in-store sensors that track customer behavior. They track shopping trends in over 50 countries, with over 100,000 sensors in retail stores.

3. Omnifi
This company designs technology for the leisure and retail industries, allowing them to better connect with their customers, in both the physical and digital world.

4. Hoxton Analytics
Instead of traditional surveillance methods, this research company uses footfall technology that only shows the customer’s shoes as they enter a store.

5. Qudini
Customers no longer have to impatiently tap their feet, wondering how long they’ll be stuck waiting in line. Qudini will tell them how long the estimated wait will be via a TV screen, and will send the customer updates via text. Qudini also has an appointment software, so retailers can plan for optimal staffing.

6. FaceFirst Facial Recognition Technology
FaceFirst’s cameras will scan and compare shoppers’ faces against a database of previous shoppers, and photos of people who liked or followed the company on social media sites.

7. CloudTags
CloudTags helps link up the online and offline shopping experience to create a ‘connected store’. Using its smart tags, sensors and devices it creates joined up solutions for retailers like Harvey Nichols and

8. One Iota Tech
Through various technologies, including digital kiosks, in- store iPads, digital signs and wearable wrist devices, they work to enhance the customer’s in-store experience.

9. Localz
Using an app, customers can choose to pick up their item in a participating retailer’s store, using the Click and Collect feature. The retailer can use an app that will show them which customers are in the store to get their Click and Collect items.

10. One Iota Mesh platform
This Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows retailers to oversee all digital and in-store customer interactions. It integrates merchandising, inventory management and many other third-party systems.

11. eBay Dressing Room
eBay bought graphic company PhiSix, in order to create 3D designs of clothing, allowing customers to “try on” online purchases for size.

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