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The Future of Retail In-Store Enhancement for Customers 1

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The Future of Retail In-Store Enhancement for Customers

The Future of Retail In-Store Enhancement for Customers 2

Retailers are getting creative with the ways they interact with their in-store shoppers. While it may seem like people are shopping online more each year, these companies have found unique ways of drawing customers back into their brick-and-mortar stores.

1. Aisle411
Using this app, customers can see a map that will show them the aisle and exact location of the item they want to buy in a store.

2. Uniqlo Magic Mirror
This virtual fitting room, located in Uniqlo’s San Francisco store, is a shining example of customer empowerment. Shoppers can, using the built-in touchscreen in the fitting room, see what they would look like in other colours or patterns in the mirror.

3. YrStore
Pronounced as “your store”, this is a pop-up store around London. It gives customers the ability to custom design apparel from scratch, and upload their designs via touchscreens. The entire process just takes minutes.

4. Rebecca Minkoff magic mirrors
Live mirrors suggest matching items as the customer enters the dressing room. They can swipe through the store’s inventory. While they’re in the dressing room, shoppers can use a mirror to decide what they want to buy, confirm with an associate and get a copy of their receipt.

5. Klepierre Inspiration Corridor
This is a live digital shop window that suggests products, pulled from live inventory, based on the customer’s measurements, which are taken from body scan technology.

6. TopShop billboard

Six interactive billboards, in various locations around London, show TopShop’s best-selling items. Launched in 2015, “hashtags” of digital runway looks would appear in the TopShop Cloud, then show up on the billboards. If a customer tweets one of the trend hashtags @TopShop, they’ll get a shopping list based on that trend.

7. Iconeme

Iconeme created VMBeacon, which allows mannequins
to interact with customers using a mobile app. The mannequins receive an alert when a customer walks by, allowing them to give the customer details about the look they’re wearing. Then they can browse the store’s website, buy or locate items, save them for later purchases or share on social media.

8. SmartAssistant

This company helps cloud-based businesses personalise their customers’ shopping experiences with product guides.

9. Audi Prologue

Audi’s concept car combines sporty aesthetic with luxury feel. It has an LED touchscreen and laser headlights, among many other unique features.

10. Digital Shelf Tags/Automated Pricing

Algorithms keep retailers’ prices competitive. This is beneficial because it allows them to focus on enhancing other parts of the customer experience. One of the popular creators / distributors of digital shelf tags in the UK is Pricer (Herbert).

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