Introducing TeaZa™

Introducing TeaZa™

Say goodbye to expensive liquid energy shots. When you need a pick-me-up, drop the shot and pop a pouch!

The History of TeaZa™                                                          

TeaZa™ was developed by a group of scientific and medical masterminds at Trim Nutrition. Doctors, pharmacists, and chemists came together to create an amazingly effective product.

Formulated from a select group of herbs, vitamins, and a minimal amount of caffeine, these pouches are easy to utilize. Simply slide a pouch between the lip and gum for 2-4 hours or drop in a bottle of water, shake, and drink. TeaZa™ will leave you feeling revived and refreshed!

Trim Nutrition’s product development team had several goals in mind while creating this ground-breaking product. They formulated TeaZa™ to:

Boost energy levels

Increase mental focus

Provide oral stimulation

Decrease hunger pangs and food cravings

Reduce the reliance on tobacco products

Provide long-lasting satisfaction

Also, compared to traditional liquid energy drinks that can be nearly $3 each, TeaZa™is a steal! A single pouch costs a mere $0.50! That is a whopping 84% savings!

Contact The TeaZa Crew

If you are interested in distributing TeaZa, please contact Travis Brewer our Director of Sales at 813-830-2103 or [email protected]

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TeaZa Energy LLC

1245 Hercules Ave. N.

Clearwater, FL 33765

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