The days of frying taco shells in oil is finally over! Now, with a Taco Tastico, you can make fresh crunchy taco shells with any type of tortilla anywhere there’s a microwave.

  • Makes fresh hot taco shells with any type of tortillas or wraps.
  • No cooking oil necessary to make tortillas crispy and crunchy.
  • Healthier and 10 times less fat and 1/3 the calories of pan-fried taco shells in oil.
  • Faster to prepare taco shells than traditional frying with oil in a pan.
  • No clean up of oil spatter on counters, clothing, and hands.
  • BPA Free and 100% microwave and food-contact safe.

A Taco Tastico® is a microwave taco shell form that utilizes no oil to make PERFECT crunchy taco shells every time.

It’s designed to hold one standard corn tortilla as well as a standard larger 7″ flour tortilla. This lightweight, very durable kitchen utensil is BPA Free and contains no harmful ingredients. The material utilized to make a Taco Tastico® is a patent pending compound called Polytanium®. All ingredients for Polytanium® are each FDA compliant for food contact. It’s microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe and takes virtually no cleaning or clean up to make taco shells. The density and finish are sticking resistant for easy taco shell removal.

Endless possibilities exist with the Taco Tastico®. Mexican tacos are only the tip of the iceberg. Crunchy taco shells can be used with Hawaiian, BBQ, Thai, vegan, stir fry, Chinese, and Italian tacos. Many low-calorie alternatives lack flavor and tastiness while a corn tortilla taco shell prepared on a Taco Tastico® actually takes on a richer popcorn flavor.

As a cleaner carbohydrate source without fattening oil, it can be incorporated into more meals with the satisfaction of a crunch. Taco Tastico® Taco shells of any type of tortilla can also be cracked into dipping chips for salsa and guacamole. They can also be crumbled into soups and salads as a scrumptious accent.

With a Taco Tastico® it’s no longer painful to cook crunchy tacos with oil. It’s fast, simple, and much healthier!

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