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•  Reached No.1 Best Selling Golf Training Aid in South Africa’s top big box golf retailer, TheProshop within 6 weeks of being on the shelves; and has held this position ever since.
•  Reached No.1 Best Selling Golf Swing Aid on Amazon in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany during 2015
•  Featured in Golf Tips Magazine and New England Golf Monthly as one of the best training aids of 2016
•  Voted as one of the Best New Products by the International Network of Golf in 2015
•  Endorsed by Revolution Golf as the World’s No.1 Golf Transition Trainer

To date rhythm and tempo has been an elusive concept. The GOOD NEWS is that there is finally a solution to make rhythm tangible, logical, quantifiable and repeatable in your golf swing.

The secret to great rhythm if finishing your backswing.  Most golfers are too quick and their bad shot comes from not finishing their backswing. When you finish your backswing your hands, body and club work in sync, resulting in a great swing.

The Swingclick straps to a golfer’s forearm and with a smooth backswing clicks at the top of the backswing, at impact and follow through. The click at the top of the backswing is the key.

When you use the SwingClick for a drill, the click at the top of your backswing teaches golfers to feel the correct transition point and helps create the muscle memory of this transition point.  It also helps create the patience needed in your transition, which gives your club head time to get back to square, resulting in more consistent golf shots and more distance.


•  It works for every golfer, from beginners to pros
•  Use it on a driving range, on a golf course or indoors, with our without clubs
•  It’s small and non-intrusive; fits in your golf bag or your back pocket
•  It offers golfers an affordable solution to practicing rhythm and transition, using all your clubs.

Product Offering: Swingclick PLUS (2016)

•  New aerodynamic, sleeker design
•  Improved flexible strap – one size fits all
•  4 Colors – Blue, Red, Orange and Purple


Revolution Golf & Tour Striker: Marin Chuck

Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher: Gary Gilchrist

New York Golfing Magazine: John Glozek

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Head of International Sales: Swingclick Distributors
Tel:  +1-407-545-2275
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