Surge Shots

NO SUGAR CRASH – While energy drinks are famous for that hideous crash after their sugar runs out, Surge is a sugar-free all-day energy drink. It ramps up evenly and works for hours with no jitters. The only one of its kind, it’s the strongest green energy drink on the market.

NATURAL CAFFEINE BOOST – With 280 MG of natural caffeine one Surge Shot gives you the equivalent of two cups of premium coffee. Its green tea extract naturally keeps you awake and increases work productivity gets you through daily tasks and spike sports performance.

BURN FAT ALL DAY – A fat burner that works, Surge uses three ultimate fat burners for weight loss to assure you burn fat all day long. Formulated to target abs, the shot is a great way to lose extra belly fat burner for men and women.


GET YOUR VITAMINS – Surge pulls triple-duty to give you the best fat burner, healthy energy drink, and vitamin boost. You get a strong dose of zinc and vitamin B12 with a great lemon-lime taste to assure a delicious ongoing mix of added stamina.

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