Convenience Store Distributors

How to Start a Convenience Store

Starting a business can be a inspiring occasion, but it comes with great challenge. In the case of c-stores, you definitely need to make yourself aware of the amount of labor and effort it will take to keep to physically keep your store in good order. As well, it would be beneficial to verify that you are suited for the entrepreneurship lifestyle.

With this, you have to make sure that you thoroughly enjoy the field you are venturing into. You must believe in your product and your service since they will now be consuming a considerable amount of your time.

The very meaning of a convenience store is to offer quick and friendly service, close locations, a variety of merchandise and extended hours of operations in some cases. When considering starting a store you need to think about one of the three options you will be pursuing

Convenience Store

This is a smaller store that is suited to helping the residents of the area, it specializes in selling basic food items such as milk and bread.

Convenience Store/Gas Station

This store has a wider range of products because you will be supplying motorists that could be travelling a variety of difference. On top this is requires more dedication and even longer hours of operation


A business that has the privilege and often exclusive rights of selling products that are special to the franchise. It also allows you to take on the franchises name.

Next, it must be considered how you will generate the income of your location. When you are picking a destination you have to consider three of the following ideas;


Firstly, you have to consider the type of neighborhood that surrounds you. If you think people will be using your location to purchase groceries on a regular basis vs where the kids come to get candy. Furthermore, you can look at the ethnicities of the area and try to cater to products that would be enjoyed by the culture that they belong to.


Look around the area, if you are placing yourself in an area that contains a high level of competition, you could potentially be setting yourself up for failure.


Evaluate how you will bring new customers into your store. This is a major issue for a lot of store-front locations. If you don’t have a lot of foot traffic that passes in front of your location, you must consider how you will complete a marketing campaign to bring the people to you.

Finally, your last option is to try to evaluate your supplier. This is process tends to be more time consuming due to the nature of how many different sources you have for the availability of distributors around the nation.

Direct Selling

Direct selling is driven by you, as the client, contacting a wholesaler directly and cooperating with them to establish a business relationship. This could be good for some products, but when looking for mass stock it will take up a considerable amount of time.

Indirect Selling

This occurs when you are buying from a distributor or an agent. They act as the salesmen for the product while you receive your shipments through DSD shipping.


These are two terms used to describe the same subject. The distributor or wholesaler buys the product from the producers who would normally sell the product to the end source. Rather, they build packages of these goods that they purchase from their manufacturers in order to provide an ease of service that allows their industry to thrive. With an organization like this, you can fill your shelves with ease.


A Broker or Agent acts as an independent salesman on behalf of the differing distributors and service providers. They have access to many packages from many different companies. This source allows the broker or agent to find a business plan that caters specifically to what best suits your company.