Working Capital Loans

Cash flow is one of the biggest challenges a business can face. With an unpredictable credit market, what’s a small business to do?

SpotOn Financial affords you an alternative to credit cards, merchant cash advances and bank loans, with no hidden fees or unexpected rate hikes and automatic daily payments for easy cash flow management.

We look at your credit history, cash flow, performance, and other elements to help determine the overall health of your business.

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Basic Requirements for our loans:

-You must own and operate your business with a least 50% of ownership in the company.

-You must own a business or have recently purchased a business that has been in operation for a minimum of 2 years.

-You must have a minimum average ending bank balance of $3,000 per month.

-Your business bank account must be separate from your personal account.

-Must have a minimum monthly bank deposits of $10,000.

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SpotOn Financial is your premier business financial services team!

From the small one-man shop, to the large private company, SpotOn Financial and our team of professionals will provide expert advice and custom solutions for all of your business financial needs.

We understand that you deserve better options and we’re proud to offer our unique solutions. We are “SpotOn” with our support to our clients, our partners, and our team!

Before you make a decision to work with another provider, be sure they are “SpotOn” with their approach, talent, and expertise!

SpotOn Financial has a combined network of over 300 Lenders, Insurance companies, and Risk professionals utilizing over 350 years of experience and knowledge to meet the various needs of business owners from the simple working capital loan, to complex business valuations.

Don’t trust anyone who is not “SpotOn”.

SpotOn Financial
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Tel: 719-358-5145
Fax: 719-213-2131
[email protected]: [email protected]