The Mr. Checkout Network over 30+ years has developed relationships with buyers in nearly every major big box store.


With over 60 products in major retailers, Mr. Checkout works as manufacturers reps for specific products depending on their marketability and retail focus. Taking a product direct to retail may be a better path to market for some products than through the network of distributors, jobbers and wholesalers that works with Mr. Checkout.

Working as manufacturers reps, we make sure to give a clear future of success, provide transparency in our business relationships and use our technology to give product manufacturers insight into what we are doing. We view product brokers as a great partnership and work with a number of manufacturers rep groups and product broker groups to find the best placement and deals for the products that were take direct to retail.

If you have a product that you think that we would be interested in taking direct to retail, let us know here.

Sports and Recreation Retailers

Apart from the fact that sport is a major aspect of the lives of billions on the planet, it is an important aspect of life that has brought an emotional appeal from people. Thus, the affiliation to a team can be very strong for people. To satisfy this appeal, there is the sport product industry.

It is also of common knowledge that human beings love recreation. We love to blow off steam from work and other busy engagement. This we may do with loved ones and family. For instance, some people enjoy golfing and thus, there is the need to provide them with golfing equipments. Thus, there is the need for an industry to satisfy these demands.

Many people love to keep fit, so they own indoor gyms or products that could help in this regard. These can be very beneficial and doctors prescribe them to people who may need to shed some weight. These products fall under sports and recreation products.

With all these products being produced constantly, there is the need to get them to retail outlets where consumers can get them. This is where the distributor comes in. As the distributor, you are a major player in the supply chain and there are a lot of factors that can hinder the movement of your products to retailers. It is very important to note that this is the age of online shopping and direct store distribution. Thus, there is a threat to the distributor’s job. However, to remain relevant in the market, a lot has to be considered and put in place.

First, pricing is an important factor. A product may be top quality and another of the same quality but because of price one of them would stay longer on the shelves. This is just natural. The average human being has a lot to put money on. From taxes, rent, mortgage, credit card bills, and many other financial obligations, there are a lot of things to pay for and thus, the human instinct would push the customer to pick the product that seem quality but cheaper in price. However, if the store is in a high end neighborhood, you can always be rest assured that high prices of goods wouldn’t be an issue. Thus, you may have to take a feasibility study of the area you are distributing to.

Second, distribute popular and quality brands. Quality is what you can’t substitute for anything. The trust of quality is reinforced in the popularity of the brand of the products. Thus, you need to get brands people can resonate and relate with. People need a brand they can sue when harm results out of the product. Ensure that all your products are well far from expiration dates as this may speak ill of your reputation to the retailer.

It is always very import to know the place of varieties. We all don’t do or follow the same sports. A sport retailer can best tell you the kind of demand that works through the door.

Sports and Recreation

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