The Mr. Checkout Network over 30+ years has developed relationships with buyers in nearly every major big box store.


With over 60 products in major retailers, Mr. Checkout works as manufacturers reps for specific products depending on their marketability and retail focus. Taking a product direct to retail may be a better path to market for some products than through the network of distributors, jobbers and wholesalers that works with Mr. Checkout.

Working as manufacturers reps, we make sure to give a clear future of success, provide transparency in our business relationships and use our technology to give product manufacturers insight into what we are doing. We view product brokers as a great partnership and work with a number of manufacturers rep groups and product broker groups to find the best placement and deals for the products that were take direct to retail.

If you have a product that you think that we would be interested in taking direct to retail, let us know here.

Selling Sporting Goods and Outdoor Products Retailers

It was back in the days that sporting goods used to come from a couple of brands; now, several brands are in the business of producing sporting goods. These products are needed by sport professionals and non professionals as they are easy to wear and they are even objects of fashion statements. The Air Jordans was originally made for basketball players; now, it has become fashion sport shoes.

With products coming out constantly, there needs be market for them. The manufacturer cannot be the one thinking of entering retail stores to pitch. Though manufacturers are acting as retail as people order and even design their products especially with Puma and some others. The distributor is the person with the job. Now, how would the distributor pitch successfully to retailers? This question will be answered subsequently.

If a product is for the retail market, then it is different from that made specifically for a club or team. This is usually customized and specially ordered to the manufacturer. Thus, what the distributor sells undergoes mass production. In the light of this, some factors that are very peculiar to people must be noted.

Pricing is vital. Two things matter most to retailers: the price at which you are selling and the quality you are bringing to the store. Without these two, you can’t get your product into that store. You are selling to retailers who would resell the products to consumers. The retailer is trying to offer the best quality at the most affordable price so as to keep the foot traffic high at the store. Thus, it is highly important that the distributor keep the price at a reasonable extent.

Branding is another vital issue. People recognize popular brands. People also want to wear them. This is something you should look at distributing to stores – popular brands. For the sporting goods industry, there are household names that are known to almost everyone that sees sport. The Air Jordans is known in the basketball world. Adidas, Nike, and many others are known in the soccer world, in many other sports, brands are well known.

Be in the distributors’ directory. Having pitched to retailers, be reachable. You may not have pitched to the retailer but a glance at the directory and a view of an impressive distributor’s profile can bring a call.

You can even cold call retailers to let them know of new products that you have and that can drive in foot traffic. Do your market research adequately and follow popular trends. If an athlete steps out in a product, it can be a popular brand the same day.

Always put the retailer’s interests first. These are profit, quality, and sustained customer relationship. If the retailer can be assured of these three, you have less to worry about as the retailer would be satisfied with the promising nature of the product.

Sporting Goods and Outdoor

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