Sniff Relief USB Mask & Temperature Controller

    Product Description:  Sniff Relief USB Mask & Temperature Controller

    Sniff Relief is a self-heating face mask that warms up your nose and surrounding areas to relieve sinus pressure and alleviate the symptoms of runny noses the natural way!

    The Sniff Relief mask naturally unblocks your sinuses and alleviates pressure. Where medicine can take hours to kick in, Sniff Relief gives you fast, effective relief.

    Super comfortable with adjustable strap
    Mendable nose bridge is designed to mold around the shape of your nose for a snug custom fit
    Lifetime guarantee on all electronic components
    8 temperature settings (100-140F)
    Automatic shut off time
    Seriously…stop jamming things up your nose!!

    For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

    Arthur Boia
    Sniff Relief
    8880 Rio San Diego Dr #800
    San Diego, CA 92109
    (619) 446-9739