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Top Snack Food Distributors

Headed by some of the biggest names for production of food goods, the top snack food distributors are organizations that have topped the industry for years. By providing quality products that are back by a name that is equally as reputable, they allow their products to have a thriving chance in a sector that consistently seeing change.

By now, the majority of the companies that are labelled as the top snack food distributors are household names. They produce things from cereal to your favorite snack time junk food.

Following is a list including some of the top snack food distributors in America.


Not many people would associate the name PepsiCo with food. However, they have reaches that are far beyond that of the world of soft drinks. Not many know, but this company was founded in 1898 and last year alone they brought in 44.3 million dollars.

They are seen as a snack distributor through their subsidiaries which are all major factors in the snack market. They own Frito-Lay which produces a wide variety of products including the famed Ruffles, Lay’s, Tostitos and Fritos.


Dole is the world’s largest producer of fruit and vegetables. In 2009 the product saw revenues that pushed 6.8 billion that puts them even farther above household names like PepsiCo. It’s a long way to come from their humble start in Hawaii in 1851.

They operate plantations all over Central America, South America and the Philippines. They produce everything from bananas to pre-packaged salads. Because of this, they are an outlier in the industry seeing as they have a product line that consists mainly of organic and fresh produce.

General Mills

General Mills is based out of Minnesota and has a wide variety of food brands. They have so many that their company managed to bring in an astounding 14.7 billion dollars in sales just last year.

They were founded in 1856 and didn’t acquire their current name until 1928. Since then the company has expanded into purchasing clothing stores, restaurants and toys. Even with this though, they are focused still in food production and marketing.

A household name, General Mills owns a wide range of your favorite brands. This includes Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Yoplait and Green Giant. They have also broadened their horizons with a venture into the gluten free and organic market with recent acquisitions, so be sure to keep an eye out for those ones.


Nestle is probably as big as it gets. They have grown to become the largest packaged food company in the world since their humble beginning in Switzerland. It would be hard for you to not find a nestle product in every kitchen in the nation. Last year alone they reached 110 billion dollars in revenue and that came from more than just their ability to sell chocolate milk mix.

They own a wide range of products, from candy to coffee. To name a few; Gobstoppers, Pixy Stix, Laffy Taffy, Nescafe and Tasters choice.