Smoker’s Cloak 

 Smoker’s Cloak is an unscented, alcohol-free, smoke odor eliminator for face, hands, hair, and washable fabrics. Smoker’s Cloak is unlike any other product on the market today because it eliminates odor rather than masking it. Colognes and body sprays don’t remove odors. If anything, they are a signal to the world that you are covering up! Smoker’s Cloak is alcohol-free, so it will not dry your skin. It is safe, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic. It will not bother your eyes or nose or any other sensitive areas even with repeated use. Our formula is also free of environmental contaminants. Simply put, Smoker’s Cloak is a discreet way for smokers to get rid of stale, bothersome smoke smells without anyone knowing. Smoker’s Cloak comes in a convenient 1 oz. bottle that fits easily in a purse or pocket. Leave no trace with Smoker’s Cloak! 

Contact: Sarah Schroeck

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