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Should Your Business Exhibit at Trade Fairs?

By Ted S Ridgway

Many businesses and organizations don’t try joining trade exhibitions. Wait, I am not yet done explaining. Do not start laughing. I know that you think that during trade fairs, it’s like everyone from all around the world is attending your event but the truth is, most businesses never exhibit at trade events. And depending on their goals, that may be the right answer. It’s because not all companies want to venture outside their locality. Others do not like the environment at trade fairs. They think about it inefficient and somewhat artificial. They want to see a genuine and effective environment that unfortunately, trade exhibitions fail to cater. It’s fine – they may never miss it.

However, if you are on the fence – considering it, although not sure – this post is for you. There are some things that trade fairs can offer and other type of marketing strategies won’t be able to do it. And there are other things they do well along with other parts of marketing.

How do you know if a trade show will benefit your corporation? Good question. Fortunately, I have a few answers for you. Start reading the suggestions below that can help you gauge whether trade shows are good or bad for your own business.

If you want to increase your own company’s revenue, you should think about joining trade events. The business arena is divided into two groups. We have business who want growth and those who are satisfied with being stagnant. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with not having growth goals. Some people are just happy and satisfied to what they have already achieved and really don’t want to try out other things anymore. But if you do, trade shows are great at helping you increase revenue. You may ask me, “Why?” You will find it hard to beat their ability to expose your business to new prospects. Small trade exhibitions have 1,000 attendees – prospects. Big trade fairs can have 25,000-100,000. You do the math.

You will not want to confine your selling to local customers. Most businesses play the local card – even if they’re primarily online. If you are relying on local clients, that’s good. Later on, you will also realize that you need to expand your horizon. You could buy advertising in distant media markets, which is not a bad thing. But to get a real expansion of your market, trade shows are unbeatable. First, you’ll have prospects globally – not just from a specific market. Second, they’ll be well-qualified prospects.

You need to be seen as “an industry player” even if your business is small. Trade Exhibitions are “equalizers”. A lot of companies are discouraged especially because at trade events, there are bigger companies – I mean much bigger companies that will be exhibiting their products too. But, who cares? You are on the same trade show and you have the same prospects. It’s your time to showcase your own product even if the big guys are also there.

You want to build your understanding of the competition. Trade Events force companies to say what they think they do better – Or differently – Or have done for longer – than their competitors. And for this reason it’s a great opportunity to see what the competition is up to. How they promote. How they differentiate.

If you are looking for business partners that will help your own business grow. Trade Events are packed not only with customers and competitors, but also with partners. It’s a great opportunity to scout for partners whether it is in the form of logistics or through shipping.

Trade Shows are great avenues for business growth. Whether you are looking for partners or clients or you just want to be a part of a bigger circle.

Ted Ridgway is President of Impact Displays, which sells trade show displays and trade show graphics for companies that want an effective combination of value and service. Impact Displays can be reached by calling 877-217-2681 or by emailing [email protected].

Trade Show Displays: 5 Reasons To Participate With Exhibition Booths And Exhibition Display Stands

By Max Chohan

Trade shows, exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences, all offer an opportunity to promote your brand, products or services through permission marketing which is quite different from the usual interruptive alternatives. These live promotional events provide options including show sponsorship, exhibiting or partnership packages. If you have to decide whether your company should participate in a live marketing event, read through these excellent reasons.

1. More exposure for your investments

Exhibitions and trade shows are an extremely cost-effective way for your business to contact qualified visitors. Although participating is such events does require substantial investment, if you were to spend the same amount on other marketing activities your ROI would be much less. According to the results of a recent research study, the average cost incurred for a traditional sales call is i??195, while the average cost per visitor at an exhibition is i??120,

2. Less effort results in better results

Sales leads that you collect at a live business event require significantly lesser effort to convert into a sale. According to a research conducted by Exhibit Surveys, only 0.8 calls are required to close a qualified lead gained at an exhibition, compared to an average of 3.7 calls needed to close a usual business sale. Additionally, 54% of the orders gained after a trade show lead do not need personal follow-up visits based on a McGraw-Hill Research Foundation study.

3. New prospects

Exhibit Surveys claim that only 12% of the traffic at a typical exhibitor’s stand had been visited by a salesperson from that organisation during the 12 months preceding the event. The other 88% were completely new prospects. Moreover, business-to-business events attract high-quality visitors out of which 82% have appropriate buying influence for products and services promoted by the trade show participant companies. 49% of these influential managers have plans to buy these products and services.

4. Competitive advantage

Exhibitions and trade shows provide exhibition booths the opportunity to gain prominence in the crowd. You can gain competitive advantage by exhibiting with well-trained staff members at trade show displays. Aggressive pre-show promotions, attractive stand designs, effective at-show strategies and meticulous follow-ups after the event will ensure that your prospects look forward to conducting business with you. Company representatives attending such events use it as an opportunity to compare options. Use these opportunities cleverly by pointing out how your product is superior in pricing, performance or service.

5. Increased access to potential clients

Exhibiting with exhibition stands can help you reach more potential clients in the typical three-day period than the number your sales team can in three months. The fastest way to establish business relationships is to meet prospects and engage in the traditional face-to-face interaction.

Max Chohan is an seasoned industry professional working as an exhibition stand contractor for a leading exhibition stand company in the Middle East. At Puzzleworks Exhibitions, he has has the expertise to offer advice on successful trade show displays and exhibition stands.

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