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How to Sell Your Product into Orion Food System

Google “how to sell to Orion Food System” and you’ll find that submitting a product through their site is the first step. This might not be a bad option if you’re ready for a very long review and sales cycle. However, if you’re not prepared for how the company operates, there are plenty of potential pitfalls to submitting a product early as you may only have one chance.

Orion Food System is an award-winning foodservice organization that focuses on providing quality food services to restaurants. The organization has continuously provided food to on-the-go customers for several years. The experience gathered along the way has helped Orion Food System maintain a dependable status. Founded in 1983, Orion has evolved massively over the years. Orion Food system has recognized the evolving nature of food; this is why the firm has constantly fused credibility with innovation. This foodservice believes in ‘Quality food through Quality People.’

This implies that the company focuses on providing the ultimate satisfaction for its customers through food. The quality of food at Orion Food System is unrivaled; it has set the company on the path of success and solidified its spot as a major player in the Food Service industry.

Orion Food System became renowned in 1986 after the creation of its mouth-watering ‘Hot Stuff Pizza.’ Later in December, the first hot stuff location opened in Webster, SD. The birth of this brand was the beginning of success for this company. Presently, there are over 900 hot stuff locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The attained success, over recent years, is credited to the ever-patronizing customers, but the team at the organization encompassing the worker, staff, and senior management have also been of immense contribution.


The organization has centered its success on five key ingredients of success that include Quality, Innovation, Solutions, Efficiency, and Flexibility. These key ingredients have, over time, helped the company remain at the apex of the foodservice industry.

Although the company began as an on-the-go body providing food for customers who are home or in haste, they have evolved as an organization. The transformation, through innovation and diversified integration of employees, has enabled the company to offer full dining services, fast serve, and fast-casual. Also, the company now supplies food services that go beyond its legendary Hot Stuff Pizza. This expansion introduces other food brands such as Gourmet Grub, Piccadilly Circus Pizza, CHOPZ, Paavo’s Pizza, Chix Chicken, and more.

Who exactly does Orion Food System serve? The countless brands are offered to different industries such as Convenience stores, the Military, Sports and entertainment sector, hospitals, grocery stores, colleges, restaurants, bowling alleys, and even private labels. The company focuses on exceeding customer’s expectations; this is why they have created innovative user-defined solutions to solve each challenge a customer may be experiencing.

Partnerships & Community Development

Through the management of CEO Keith Kinsey, Orion Food system has built a strong relationship with associations that share similar views and objectives. Few of these partnerships comprise NACS; National Association of Convenience Stores, Real Cheese; an institution that supplies 100% real cheese, and NATSO; National Association of Truck Stop Owners; a distributing agency for Orion Food System. Furthermore, the company is recognized for its success, credibility, and quality of food over the years. CSP Retailer Choice Award and Wilson Farms Supplier of Excellence are a few of the awards received by the firm.

Besides, the company has been an active member of the community; they continuously improve and enrich the lives and careers of people around them. Few of its contributions to society include Sanford’s Children Foundation and Orion Classic and Gala.

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Working with Foodservice Distributors

Merchants Foodservice is an organization created for the sole aim and purpose of diligently providing quality food supplies to their customers. Since the founding of the company in over a century in South Mississippi, the company has passionately discharged its duties of distributing food supplies.

As a food distribution agency, Merchants Foodservice has taken on the law and moral code of providing safe food to their customers and consumers. Through dedication and constant educational programs, the company’s members and staff have adopted a successful and aggressive approach to food safety.

Currently, Merchants Foodservice is the 12th largest foodservice distributor in the United States with 12 operation facilities in the state. This feat was achieved by diligent workers of the state that work for over 6,000 customers. The company is headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Distribution Service

Merchants Foodservice has built its organization on a solid foundation of quality products, timely delivery, and most importantly, excellent customer relation. The company majors in the wholesale distribution of goods, food, beverages, and kitchen supplies. The prestigious concept of time is a culture that this firm has made its bedrock. They deliver to restaurants, eateries, kitchens, amongst many other locations. Therefore, this company takes pride in delivering food ingredients with care and on time.

This highly preserved culture is evident in the firm’s mission statement that says, “we believe in delivering great taste on time- and with the highest level of personal attention.”

Furthermore, the organization operates from ultra-modern warehousing and distribution centers in Newberry, South Carolina, Jackson, Mississippi, and Clanton, Alabama. The warehouse houses over 12,000 in-stock line items, including cooking supplies, meat, fresh produce, dairy, and even cleaning supplies. A team of more than 800 people is stationed at each warehouse, ready to represent the company and attend to each customer’s needs.

Also, the company possesses an around-the-clock online platform where customers can order food and beverages. The firm concomitantly provides in-person visits to their customers for inventory evaluation and recommendations.

In addition to this, delivery trucks also operate; they are responsible for the smooth transportation and delivery of products. The delivery trailers cover South and North Carolina, operating through Tennessee and Georgia to Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Organizational Structure

Merchants Foodservice is led by a board of directors who are vested with the powers and responsibility of ensuring progressive operations. The corporate leadership consists of 5 officers who are highly proficient in their chosen fields and positions. This board is headed by Andy Mercier, the President and Chief Executive Officer.

This team also offers exclusive benefits to its staff, such as Career Development, Health & Wellness, Financial Wellness, and Paid time off. In addition to this, the board and sales representative, the company also offers ideas and innovations to restaurants ranging from Cost Control to Menu Planning and more.


Merchants Foodservice has collaborated with other institutions, retail agencies, and suppliers over the years. These partnerships are based on official relationships and the core responsibility of providing quality products and services. Few of their supplier partnerships include Genpak, Ventura Foods, Essity, and Beaver Street Fisheries.

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The food industry firm, Technomics, estimated that approximately 225 million meals are eaten away from home each day in the United States. This includes both restaurant and non-commercial eating places. Americans can be very busy and at the same time social. Many Americans prefer to have at least one meal outside every day. It could be the lunch during work, or the breakfast at a restaurant opposite the office, or a late dinner with a friend at a nice place; it is a dominant culture in the country.

However, we know the names of these restaurants, we may know the popular chefs but the people who deliver food products the restaurants prepare are hardly known by us because they are always behind the scenes. These people are known as foodservice distributors.

A foodservice distributor works as an intermediary between manufacturers of food products and the foodservice operator. This could be a chef, foodservice director, food and beverage manager, and independent food preparation businesses operator owners. The foodservice distributor procures, stores, sells, and makes deliveries of food products, providing foodservice operators with access to items from a wide variety of manufacturers. Foodservice distributors purchase pallets and bulk inventory quantities that are broken down to case and sometimes unit quantities for the foodservice operator. Most foodservice operators purchase from a range of local, specialty, and broadline foodservice distributors on a regular basis which could be daily or weekly basis.

It would have been very difficult for restaurants to meet the nutritional needs of about 65% – 70% of Americans who eat outside every day if not for the job of foodservice distributors in the line. There are a lot of things to be concerned with in the running of a restaurant and it would be an enormous burden if restaurants go to manufacturers of food products to keep getting supplies which could be as frequent as daily or weekly. Someone has to be in the line meeting demands and getting the products across to the restaurants.

It should be clarified at this point that foodservice distributors don’t only distribute to restaurants, they also get food products to cafeterias, industrial caterers, and hospital and nursing homes.

Estimates by the International Foodservice Distributors Association reveal that foodservice distributors in the Unites States, as a daily average, deliver approximately 27 million cases of food and other products.

There are several foodservice companies and they may very well range in size from a one-truck operation to larger corporations. There are broadline foodservice distributor offers a wide array of products, while a system distributor stocks a narrow array of products for specific customers, such as restaurant chains. A broadline distributor may carry up to 15,000 different items for purchase and operate topnotch warehouse and transportation operations.

The average American who eats out has the cause to be grateful to foodservice distributors. The industry sector is projected to grow as more eating places are looking at offering their customers more varieties.

Top 10 Foodservice Distributors

  • Cheney Brothers
  • Sysco Corp.
  • US Foods
  • McLane Foodservice
  • Performance Foodservice
  • Cooper-Booth Wholesale Co.
  • Gordon Food Service
  • DOT Foods
  • Reinhart Foodservice
  • The Martin-Brower Co.
  • Porky Products
  • Ben E. Keith Co.
  • Shamrock Foods Co.
  • KeHE Distributors
  • Food Services of America
  • Vistar Transportation
  • Golden State Foods
  • Lipari Foods
  • Buffalo Rock Co.
  • Merchants Foodservice
  • Blue Line Foodservice Distribution
  • Labatt Food Service
  • Systems Services of America
  • DPI Specialty Foods
  • Coastal Pacific Food Distributors
  • Dutch Valley Foods
  • Vendors Supply Inc.
  • Orion Food System
  • Jake’s Finer Foods


Mr. Checkout is a national association of independent wagon-jobbers and full-line distributors. We distribute product to approximately 35,000 independent stores around the country and are always seeking the next hot new product. If you have a product, we want to hear from you!