Salted Toasted Hemp Seeds by

One of the most nutrient-dense seeds, and a high-quality vegetarian protein source, Whole Toasted Hempseeds have a snappy-crunch and a pleasant nutty flavor. The whole seed is edible, including the shell. The seed shell is an insoluble fiber, responsible for the snap and a gritty mouth-feel. Hempseed is rich in hard-to-find Omega-3s and several immune-supportive minerals such as Iron and Manganese. Grown Canada since 1998, they are still new and novel to many American consumers. If the intense crunch is too much (when eating the seeds by themselves), they are also great added to salsa, spreads, and salads. This cuts down on the grittyness. Because the seeds are so nourishing, customers report long-lasting energy and increased sense of satiety.

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