Wholesale Distributor

 Own Your Own Direct Store Delivery Route Business…

Mr. Checkout is NOT a franchise.  You will have your own company name and complete autonomy.  We will assist you in establishing your route and recommend suppliers and wholesalers to purchase your inventory.

Cost: $23,150 (plus inventory) Route Pack with On-the-Job Training including 120 Store Sales Presentations in your Marketing Area

1. We will fly out one of most successful distributors to teach you the basics of our convenience store route business while you observe. Simply ride-along and enjoy while your trainer / consultant make sales presentations and sales. You collect the cash after each sale is made. What a way to learn!

2. You will receive a minimum of 4 business days (1 week) of on-the-job training including 120 presentations to retail store owners/managers. Your trainer will introduce you as the route owner. A 200,000 population recommended marketing area included.

3. You will receive a custom Product Presentation Notebook with custom pictures of your products along with wholesale pricing for your stores under each picture.

4. You will receive 500 Product Flyer Handouts featuring your top selling products on our custom Super Deal Sheet. You will also receive 3-part carbonless invoices and a custom clipboard to make your training experience a breeze.

5. Business cards and self-inking company stamp will be provided to give you a professional business appearance.

6. Your trainer will assist you in stocking your vehicle in a way that makes it most efficient in working your route. The simple tricks of the trade that we have learned over the year will be given to you.

7. Before your trainer arrives, you are welcome to ride for a day with any of our 100 + Mr. Checkout Distributor Members. You will observe the day-to-day operations and learn on-the-job how you want your route to be structured and developed. All of the referred distributors have been in business over 2 years and are very successful on their own route. They will be paid by Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc. for taking you around for the day.

8. You will receive a list of regional and national wholesale-to-distributor warehouse suppliers that offer deep-discounted wholesale pricing. Your costs will allow you to earn a profit by reselling to your regional convenience and grocery store locations.

9. We will recommend your start-up inventory based on your interest and the most popular jobber / distributor items that have been proven money makers over the years. The categories include general merchandise, health & beauty care items, snacks, pre-paid phone cards, novelties and more.

10. You will receive instructions on how to open your retail store location. Learn what to say when you walk in to the store, what products to present to the manager or owner and how to close the sale.

* INVENTORY: All inventory will be ordered and shipped directly from manufacturers and wholesale-to-distributor warehouses. We recommend a start-up inventory level of $4,000 to $8,000 and working capital for additional inventory as your route grows. We will be selling your opening order inventory as of the 1st day of training.

PROFIT PROJECTION: Many of our Members are earning over $100,000 a year on their routes. You can expect to sell $5,000 to $10,000 a week with 100 good retail store locations. Your profit margin should be between 15% to 35% depending on the product and competition. We will assist you in setting the proper margins for your territory.