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About Righteous Felon Meat Snacks

Established in 2012 and based in West Chester, PA, Righteous Felon features a line of uniquely branded, premium meat snacks that use locally sourced, Back Angus beef from northern Maryland and are manufactured in Gettysburg, PA. The origin of the brand name is rooted in middle school hallway dealings gone awry and evolved over the years from an inside joke between friends into a company that is now the hottest emerging meat snack brand on the market.  Our packaging references pop culture and historical figures and appeals to a younger demographic of buyers while also differentiating and elevating a category that has suffered from negative stereotypes. We have built a strong wholesale foundation through direct sales to independent retailers in an array of channels and are ready for partnerships with larger distribution partners best equipped to expand brands regionally.

Product Description:

We currently feature 9 flavors of jerky – including our newly released, first ever turkey jerky – and 3 flavors of meat sticks.

Jerky flavors: O.G. Hickory (Hickory Smoked), Victorious B.I.G. (Stout Infused), Baby Blues BBQ (Sweet & Spicy BBQ), Truffle-O Soldier (Black Truffle), Bourbon Franklin (Bourbon Vanilla), Maryland Monroe (Crab Spice), Habanero Escobar (Habanero Pepper), Voodoo Chile (Carolina Reaper Pepper), Fowl Capone (Basil Lemon Peppered Turkey Jerky)

Stick flavors: Hickory, Barbecue, Habanero

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Daniel Klausner
Righteous Felon
895 Fernhill Rd, Unit B
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone 610-316-7501