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Talk about a platform top executive, senior managers, retail professional and leaders follow everyday to get expert opinions on trends in the retail world and you have RetailWire. Retail Wire is an online platform designated as retailing’s premier online discussion forum. Each business morning, RetailWire editors pick news topics worthy of commentary by its “BrainTrust” of industry experts and RetailWire membership. You thus get exposed to solid advice and opinion covering vital changes affecting the world of retail.

RetailWire has about 15 years in the service of offering compelling content that goes well beyond conventional headline reporting. With these years in service, it has been able to develop dedicated readership and committed followership. It has followed suit in ensuring that those who give opinion are those who are well versed in the key dynamics of the retail world.

As much as professionals make RetailWire a daily dose, retailers also have a lot to benefit. Being very much aware will help in making better decisions. There are periods where they may be increase in the price of an essential consumable but some won’t be affected. This is because they have been better informed and they had made bulk purchases when the item was cheap and plenty.  RetailWire provides virtual roundtables of industry opinion and advice covering trends and issues affecting the retail industry.

The retail industry is going through a lot of changes at the moment and a lot of factors may affect prices and production pattern. Apart from the impact of technology, other factors which can be governmental affect retail goods. For instance, the higher the tariff added to imported goods, the more expensive they become at our retail outlets. More, several taxes can affect prices. When the sugar tax was implemented, producers of consumables of which sugar is an essential ingredient had to either cut the sugar or increase the price of the products. However, many of this information don’t feature on feeds as there are other sensational stories like celebrity news and whatever also draws traffic; there may also be the case where the average consumer may not even understand some regulation as it may be heavily coated in technical jargons.

The website is easy to use as the reader can search on any topic discussed and there are also videos where opinions can be gathered from the exact words of experts. You get to read enlightening articles and follow trends with the daily dosage of retail news.

Social media is an important platform in this decade with active users running into billions of people. RetailWire is actively on the social media and continually update its social media feeds on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to give readers an opportunity to be informed while catching on other updates.

This is an ingenious platform which benefits a wide range of people. It has editors and a team of highly efficient people to ensure that every business day you are not left out on what you should be informed about.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!

Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar
Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar
Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar
Magazine, Trends, Awards & Calendar