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About RBars

RBars are simple and delicious energy bars that make a perfect better-for-you snack. Their unique round cookie-shape and simple, gender neutral packaging appeals to millennials and traditional buyers. Each bar has just 7 ingredients or fewer without the use of syrups, pastes, or other binders meaning there is no added sugar.

To break into the convenience store market RBar is launching a larger, 250 calorie, version of our most popular flavor, Peanut Butter & Jelly. Wrapped in camouflage packaging and more machismo attributes we believe the bar can succeed in truck stops, convenience stores and outdoor stores where other bars wouldn’t stand a chance. This bar is available now.

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For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Brian Cornelius
RBar Organic LLC dba RBar Energy
PO Box 42124
Tucson, AZ 85733
Phone 520-440-0702
Fax 888-451-4408
Email brian.c@rbarenergy.com
Website http://www.rbarenergy.com