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    We use a technique called trendspotting. Simplified, it means that we follow the news to find trending stories and hot issues. We build on these existing stories, using them as a base, add a new twist or a different angle so that our clients are mentioned, research reporters and journalists who cover the relevant topics and craft customized pitches for each individual client.


    We love our jobs! Working with clients to grow their business, launch new products and create concrete reputations are what get us out of bed in the morning. We handpick organizations and individuals who we can believe in and who will best sync with our vision of transparency through communications. Your passion fuels us, let our passion work for you!


    We work with both traditional media (television, print and radio) and new media (digital, blogs and social media). Advancements in technology and shifts in society have pushed most media outlets to adopting an online presence and even moving a majority of their content online. As one of our areas of expertise are the high tech publications, we strive to garner the most effective coverage in the bet outlets possible for our clients both online and off.