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Since 1989, we have been placing both innovative and everyday products on the shelves of both independent and big box retailers nationwide. In that time we have had the privilege of working with many major channel retail partners.

Mr. Checkout is a national group of independent distributors, retailers and wholesalers. We handle product management for approximately 150,000 independent retailers around the United States. If you have a retail ready product, we want to hear from you!


Not every product would be suitable for independent distribution. Some products are best distributed by direct store delivery because of their peculiarities. Peculiarities which could be the perishable nature, the delicateness of the products, the technicality involved in using the products and many others add up to the reason why direct store delivery is frequently resorted to.

However, some products don’t require direct store delivery; the normal distribution mechanism is enough for their effective distribution. An independent distributor is a factor in the supply chain. He basically takes the goods from the manufacturer to the retail outlets. Distribution is a big business as different companies engage in the aspect. There are multinational distribution companies who supply to retail outlets in several companies. Many of these distribution companies deal in food products. An example is Porky Products. The company is a meat distribution company with access to over 1500 supermarkets and about a million products distributed on the daily. Some of the products that need distributors are highlighted subsequently.

Food items: these are consumed by millions every day. The food items referred to here are not perishables but processed food items which can be sold and distributed without much attention. In this age, food products like cereals, processed tin tomatoes, green peas, sweet corn, jam and butters, and so many others don’t need direct store delivery. When top food companies churn out the large number of products, they get the food distributors to get it to retail outlets for them. Food distributors are food wholesalers who are next to the manufacturer in the supply chain. They help in delivering the products to retail outlets. What food distributors do is quite enormous – they ensure storage for the food product before the retailer takes inventory of the goods. They also ensure immediate transportation to the retail outlet. Traditionally, distributors were just individuals who drive large trucks to deliver products to retail outlets, nowadays, there are big distributing companies who take on the distribution job in a grand style. 

Home items: everyone who has a home needs some essentials to make the place livable. The items that would facilitate this are referred to as home items. Home items don’t need direct store delivery. For instance, the television is a home item that most people can fix and start working. The technical aspect of setting it has been catered for by the inclusion of the product manual in the box. It cannot be compared to a product like satellite television which would require the services of a technical officer of satellite television company. 

Office items: items like tables, chairs, stationeries, computers and other items don’t need technical support to set up. Unless the office is on that deals in a lot of computer and storage and they have a server room, then the manufacturer may be required to fix it up. However, other items can be easily fixed by the distributors and one or two support staffers with him. 

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