ProCharge Liquid Protein


ProCharge Liquid Protein is the most versatile protein on the planet! ProCharge can be consumed straight out of the bottle, mixed in any beverage or applied to food. ProCharge provides 40 grams of protein in every 2.oz bottle, all branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), 0 Carbs/Fat/Sugar, Gluten free, Lactose free, contains no artificial flavors, and is Non-GMO. ProCharge is formulated to assist with muscle recovery & growth, appetite control, sustained energy, bone & joint support, nail, skin and hair support and immune support.

ProCharge is a revolutionary new formula that is designed for anyone who needs high quality protein for quick consumption. ProCharge provides the same advantages as liquid water enhancers except that ProCharge also includes great tasting Protein and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. ProCharge is the highest concentrated liquid protein enhancer on the market – 20 grams of protein per one ounce! This is a complex formula that took years of research and development. That’s why it is revolutionary – there is nothing like it available in the market today. ProCharge is a liquid protein enhancer that combines a great tasting formula with a convenient portable solution with many different potential uses.

1. Easy to store
2. Appetite control
3. Advanced absorption capabilities (98%) that benefit muscles, joints, hair, elasticity of skin and nails.
4. No clean up necessary
5. 40 grams per bottle (2 oz. per bottle)
6. Tastes great in beverages/water, with food or straight out of the bottle.
7. $1 per serving of 10 grams of Protein, 4 servings per bottle.

Protein is a fundamental requirement in our daily diet which makes up a main building block of the body. Without protein, our body would cease to function properly. Protein is made up of Branch Chained Amino Acids. The human body can not make all of the necessary amino acids it requires in order to function to full capability. We need to ingest the essential amino acids from foods like meat, fish or chicken. ProCharge contains all of these required essential amino acids to make up a healthy protein diet. If we are receiving the proper amount of protein per day, that can contribute to healthy weight loss and an increase in muscle mass and natural energy levels. ProCharge provides all the attributes of a healthy protein source.

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