PRO-DIP® ION Energy Pouches

    PRO-DIP® is an innovative, category-creating energy health supplement product for the counter-top. The inventor took the smokeless tobacco pouch used for snus, emptied it of tobacco and nicotine and filled it with healthy vitamin powder, and the delivery system (the pouch), is patent pending. The product can be marketed and sold Globally to anyone who needs energy (cup of coffee, RedBull, 5-Hour etc.) and is a great impulse buy.

    PRO-DIP® is based in the greater New York Metro area where it is already on retail shelves, and is currently opening a second hub in San Jose, CA. The product can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

    For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

    Peter St. Lawrence
    3 Franklin Court
    Berkeley Heights, NEW JERSEY 07922
    Phone 612-616-1167