Pockette Luxury 4-Ply Scented Tissues

Pockette Luxury 4-Ply Scented Tissues 1

Pockette Luxury 4-Ply Scented Tissues

STRENGTH when you need it. Thicker IS better!

Mind-blowing 4-ply construction
Ridiculously high tensile strength makes Pockette® tissues strong enough to handle the wettest messes.

Ultra-plush quilted design
The secret to non-separating softness!
Pockette® tissues are micro-embossed, plushly holding all 4 layers together.

Premium quality and lint-free
Feeling is believing! Chalk up our sheet smoothness to a higher short fiber ratio and a meticulous dust removal process.

Convenient & compact
3″ X 2.12″ X 1.06″
Stealth enough to tuck into itty-bitty party purses and mercilessly over-stuffed travel bags and backpacks.

10 full-size tissues per palm-sized pack
10 generous tissues unfold to 8″ X 8″
squares–enough real estate for manly blows.

Strong and absorbent
Fearless, fierce and non-disintegrating, 4-ply Pockette® tissues hold their own even in the soggiest situations.

Available in
Unscented, Mint & Lavender
Blow and bliss out at the same time!
Soothing Mint and Calming Lavender are ahhh-mazing for colds and allergies!

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Michelle Myles, Director of Sales
P.O. Box 16091,
Beverly Hills, California 90209
E: michellem@Pockette.com
C: 216.387.2727